Real name: Carl Fredrik Noring

Location: Sweden Edit location

Member of


It's That Time Of The Year Again - Code (MP2 player)
Atari Falcon - Demo
New Beat Jul 2020
The Ultimate Seduction - Code (Music player)
Atari Falcon - Demo, Invitation
Dead Hackers Society and New Beat and SMFX Feb 2020
Signals - Code (MP2 Player)
Atari Falcon, Atari ST/E - Musicdisk
Dead Hackers Society Dec 2019
bexa64n - Code (DSP56001 code)
Atari Falcon, Atari Jaguar - Game
Bello Games Mar 2018
Outline 2006 Invite - Code (Music player)
Atari Falcon - Invitation
Dead Hackers Society May 2006
Atari Falcon - Tool
NoCrew Oct 1999
Atari Falcon - Tool
NoCrew Dec 1996
Atari Falcon - Tool
NoCrew Apr 1996
Atari Falcon - 4K Intro
NoCrew Dec 1995
Seagull - Code, Graphics
Atari Falcon - Demo
NoCrew Dec 1995
Foxenstein - Code
Atari Falcon - Intro
NoCrew Nov 1995
Atari ST/E - Intro
NoCrew May 1991

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