- TM_Dag

Also known as

  • Albert

Location: Canada

tmdag is originally from Poland, but currently living in Canada where he has a successful career in movie visual effects.

Member of

Productions (7)

Top Gear - Code (Effects), Graphics (3D), Other (Direction)
Amiga AGA - Demo
Nah-Kolor Apr 2020
Time Will Tel - Graphics
Amiga OCS/ECS - Musicdisk
Nah Kolor Aug 2019
A Blood Moon - Graphics
Amiga AGA - Demo
Nah-Kolor Apr 2018
Visage - Other (support)
Windows - Demo
Nah-Kolor Aug 2008
tmdag Jul 2004
Windows - Demo
Encephalon and Nahkolor Sep 2003
Synchronize - Graphics (as Albert)
Windows - Demo
Nah-Kolor Oct 2002

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