The 4th Disciple

Also known as

  • 4th Disciple
  • Tribe

Location: Canada Edit location

AWE Art Pack (10/1996) wrote "Formerly of Mistigris, Saga, Decades, Toon, and Dark, this logoist has showcased his abstract logo work for 2 years now. He has just recently joined ACID and hopes to make an impact there."



Blocky Horror - Graphics
Blocktronics Oct 2019
Fire Combustion August 1997 - Graphics (ANSI)
Fire Sep 1997
AWE Art Pack (10/1996) - Graphics (ansi)
AWE Oct 1996
Kithe #12 - Graphics (interface thumbnail) (as Tribe)
MS-Dos - Diskmag
Mistigris Oct 1996
Kithe #9 - Graphics (as Tribe)
MS-Dos - Diskmag
Mistigris Jan 1996
Kithe #7 - Graphics, Text (as Tribe)
MS-Dos - Demo
Mistigris Jun 1995
MIST0695.ZIP - Graphics (as Tribe)
MS-Dos - Artpack
Mistigris Jun 1995
MS-Dos - BBStro
Digital Artists of the Rare Kind 1995

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