Also known as

  • Craftsman
  • Jazz
  • Paragon

Location: Denmark Edit location

After his scene career, Jazz went to compose music for the video game industry at I.T.E. Media ApS (with a lot of sceners from Budbrain, Polka Brothers etc.), who worked on games first for TV-shows (Hugo the Troll and T&N for MTV) on Playstation, Nintendo and PC platforms.

Jazz got a record deal in 2000, produced/remixed for different club/electronic artists under the alias "CS-Jay" and was awarded gold and platinum records. Nowadays, he produces under the alias "Christian Steen".


Tracked Music
CS-Jay / Desire ^ Persuasive Music Apr 2021
Tracked Music
Jazz Aug 1999
Beats - Music (intropart sound technician) (as Jazz)
Amiga AGA - Demo
Loveboat Aug 1999
Jazz / Persuasive Music Jul 1997
Tracked Music
Jazz / Persuasive Music ^ Scoopex Jul 1996
Tracked Music
Jazz / Persuasive Music ^ Scoopex ^ bLaSM Jun 1996
The Neutral Zone BBS (2a) - Music (as Jazz)
MS-Dos - BBStro
bLaSM May 1996
Not! - Music (as Jazz)
MS-Dos - Demo
bLaSM Dec 1995
Tracked Music
Jazz / Persuasive Music ^ Scoopex ^ bLaSM Dec 1995
Jazz and Mystical Jul 1995
Tracked Music
Jazz / Persuasive Music Jul 1995
New World Order issue #6 - Music (module 3) (as Jazz)
MS-Dos - Diskmag
Diffusion and Ground Zero and The Flame Arrows and Weird Magic Jun 1995
Tracked Music
Jazz / Diffusion Dec 1994
Evil - Music (as Craftsman)
MS-Dos - Demo
Diffusion Feb 1994
Tracked Music
Craftsman / Diffusion Dec 1993

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