Location: Nordås, Osterøy, Hordaland, Norway Edit location

Messiash was a mailswapper, and later moved on to become a modemtrader and co-sysop on a.o. Checkpoint.

ROM 1 (august 1994) reported that Messiah/Banana Dezign joined Balance as a double member. Upstream 10 (february 1995) reported he left both groups to join Spaceballs.

Swapper adverts in Never Mind 34 (october 1993), Scene Talk 7 (1994), Thing 15.5 (July 1994), and R.A.W 7 (february 1995). He was listed as number 2 uploader in Cyberspace Chart 01 in june of 1995.


Upstream 10 - Text (news contributor)
Amiga AGA, Amiga OCS/ECS - Diskmag
Balance Feb 1995
Nevermind 34 - Other (file support)
Amiga OCS/ECS - Diskmag, Pack
Analog Oct 1993

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