Nevermind 34

by Analog

Know something about this production that we don't?

Release date is an estimate.

Kernal/Desire, Chaos!/Desire, Slash/independent, Messiah/Equinox, Speedy/Parasite, Felon/Kronical, Cyclon/Eskimos, Gigabyte/Firestar, Sting/Proline, Phantom/Applause, Melvin/Faith, Yoyo/Fifth Generation, Carlo/llusion, Colorbird/Razor 1911, Zerox/Iris, Antichrist/Nebula, Decadense/Vision, Saracen/Banana Dezign, Rave/Acceptm Tyrant/Cadaver, Tropeduft/Tech and Poseidon/Unlimited appeared as guest artists.



Michael and Profex / Nuance Oct 1993
Mindshadow / Nuance Oct 1993

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