Know something about this production that we don't?

Contains logos for G'Style, Underground Network, The Black Lodge, Centresoft, Coast Link, Eastern Front, Exhaust Inhibits, Final Impact, Renegades, Flashback, Hell House, Inferno, Interchange, Introspective, Kaotic World, Midnight Express, Midgard, Nether World, Neurobashing, The Northwood Crew, Opal Inquest, Poison, Repulse, Somewhere In Time, Static Kaos, Stonehenge, Supreme, The Empire, Total Panic, Valhalla, Zoomed Reality, At The Gates, Body Count, Contact Zero, Dark Dude, Forbidden Dreams, Future Doom, Terminal Supremacy, Maximum Rock'n'Roll, World Down Fall, Rushware, Overload, Warez O Mania, Supplex, Repulse, Musik Bolaget, Balance, Cypress Hill, Electric, Melrose Place, Space Port, Trespass, Extreme Overload, Chrome stuff, Edge of Forever, Measures Remedial, Rubik, Spellbound, The Ice, Terminal State, After Shave, Ami-Express Design, Black Sabbath, Bomb Trek, Cyberdyne, Diablo, Empire of Darkness, Grave Yard, Hack, Majic, Night Club, Out of Space, Progressive House and Steam House.

Several of the mentioned names have 2 or three different logos in the collection.


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