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Location: Norrtälje Kommun, Stockholm, Sweden Edit location

Danzig was an ascii artist, modemtrader and sysop of the bbs Coast Link in the 0176 area code (Norrtälje). The bbs operated at least from 1992 until 1994. He ran it for G'Style in december 1993 according to Tequila Charts 2.

In his february 1997 comeback ascii collection Brain Crack, he mentions having shut down his bbs a while back.


Danzig / Arclite Aug 2012
Brain Crack - Graphics (main ascii)
ASCII Collection
Arclite Feb 1997
Decline of Art - Graphics (ascii)
Amiga OCS/ECS - Slideshow
Arclite Jan 1996
Eye Over You - Graphics (arclite customlogo)
ASCII Collection
Arclite Dec 1994
Kickback - Graphics (arclite custom logo)
ASCII Collection
Arclite Dec 1994
ASCII Collection
G'Style Oct 1993

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