by Optic / Planet Jazz

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Critikill - 19:33 24 January 2023 #

My personal favorite from the compo. It's really entertaining and I love the colors and lights.

Grip - 19:34 24 January 2023 #

Such a great picture in every aspect. Motif, technique, palette... Congrats!

bifat - 12:16 3 February 2023 #

Nice picture. Something's odd with the palette. It's neither AGA not OCS, but something inbetween, looks like 15 bit... it will look slightly different on an OCS machine.

optic - 21:52 4 February 2023 #

@Bifat, I am well aware. I most likely did something stupid doing a quick fix in the hotel room, without checking on real HW, before handing it in. Not rolling back, but it will be fixed :/

exocet - 22:30 13 February 2023 #

Great pic, sir! Strong composition and lighting, and sharp and tidy.