Vajrayna was an Italian Amiga demo group. AGA, DIP, Rio and Slat left to join Elven 11. After the release of that group's demo Smart in late march of 1997, which Mat helped do some work for, he also left Vajrayna to join his old groupmates. This meant the death of the group, likely around april 1997.

Productions (5)

Amiga AGA - Diskmag
Vajrayana Jan 1998
Amiga AGA - Demo
Vajrayana Sep 1996
Amiga AGA - Demo
Vajrayana Aug 1996
Amiga AGA - Slideshow
Vajrayana Jul 1996
Amiga AGA - Diskmag
Vajrayana 1996

Member productions (3)

Ilian / Vajrayana Aug 1996
Tracked Music
Dixan / Vajrayana Aug 1996
Tracked Music
Calca / Vajrayana Aug 1996

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