iMAGE Productions

Also known as

  • Image (pc/artgroup/1993/usa+ca) - iMAGE
  • Image Enterprises

Image Productions was founded in August 1993 as a local 804 (Virginia) art group. It's often confused with other North American art groups from around the same time, but this group was the largest under the Image name.

Many members of this group ended up in UNiON.
Their couriers were LUPUS Couriering.

Image Productions 1993 The Origin (group history).

They released monthly newsletters titled Mirror Image, Issue #1 (Oct 1993), Issue #2 (Nov 1993).

Image Productions October 1993 member and site list.
Image Productions November 1993 member and site list.

Productions (3)

Image Dec 1993
Image Nov 1993
MS-Dos - BBStro
Image 1993

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