Electra was a Swedish Atari group.

The group was organizer of the Mega Leif Convention in 1992.

The group was coarranger of The Computer Crossroads 1993 in may of 1993.

The group later moved to the Acorn Archimedes but they did not release anything. They later started game development. After a short period with a Atari Jaguar devkit, they turned to the PSX and released Kula World.

Organiser of


Atari ST/E - Intro
Atari ST/E - Invitation
Electra Apr 1993
Paper - Invitation
Cascada and Electra and Horizon and Light and Omega and Phenomena and Silents and The CodeBlasters 1993
Atari ST/E - Demo
Electra Oct 1992
Atari ST/E - Demo
Electra Jul 1992
Atari ST/E - Demo
Electra Jan 1992
Paper - Invitation
Electra 1992
Atari ST/E - Demo
Electra Nov 1991
Atari ST/E - Demo
Electra Jan 1991
Amiga OCS/ECS - Demo
Electra 1990

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