LayerOne Demoparty 2018

Other LayerOne Demoparty parties:

All demos were to run on the specially designed L1 Demoscene Board:

  • PIC24FJ256DA206 microcontroller

  • 32Mhz, 16-bit

  • 96Mhz GFX Core (CLUT, Fonts)

  • 96K SRAM

  • 256K FLASH


  • XC16 Compiler, Assembler, Linker

  • USB or EXT power (5-15V)

  • 4-6 GPIO (configurable to UART, SPI, I2C)

  • VGA Port: up to 16bit 5-6-5 DAC, 1-8bpp, up to 640x480

  • Audio Jack: 8bit Audio DAC

  • Open source

  • Programmable via PIC Debug Port or USB Bootloader (ds30 Loader)

  • Mac, Windows, Linux

Images for the ANSI competition had to follow those requirements: 80 columns, 23 lines, standard ANSI colors only.

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