by Booze Design

Presented as "The Booze Demo" in the competition.


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ericorsio - 16:43 7 June 2018 #

Goddamn these rotating rasters near the end! I keep coming back to this demo for that effect alone. Also, the soundtrack by Dane is simply fantastic. :D

ericorsio - 11:46 25 October 2023 #

Watched this one again along with EoD, as per usual.
Like I said before on YT somewhere, I think this demo was more of a response to Censor Design (looking at the title) by improving the effects from recent Wonderlands XI and XII, while also adding some unique effects that weren't otherwise possible in the breadbox. And yet, the coders found the way and it turned out amazing in the end (political references aside :P).
I'm still fascinated by the rasters btw, so blissful! :D