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Industrially Safe Demo Disk #35

by Effect


Know something about this production that we don't?


The Puppet Show - Only the intro is featured here, not the whole release.


  • Bod - Code, Graphics
  • Iso - Music
  • Jarekaczor - Graphics
  • Tronic - Code (Picture routine), Text, Other (Compilation)
  • Xrwwr - Music
  • sns - Graphics (ASCII)


Iso / Sentry

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applecrypt - 09:57 24 February 2015 #

finally released Feb 23rd.. Video above linked was requested by Tronic. Looks like it's a great new menu cd and i cannot wait to look properly later on today. :-)

losso - 21:30 6 March 2015 #

a cute dog looking at a cube, what’s not to like! :)

simoncam - 17:02 14 March 2015 #

Wow! My Laserball 2014 game on a Demo collection! I love it! Thank you!
I realized that the Version on the disc is the Version on the "roll out" in October 2014. Afterwards I got plenty of Feedback and tons of Inputs - thank you Internet.
So the today’s Version is again massively enhanced. Most noticeably it is now multilingual (German+English, French coming soon) and has many more levels (and still growing)
So who likes the game is invited to have a look at the latest Version on www.hd-videofilm.com/laserball - FREE download.