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by New Beat


Know something about this production that we don't?


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ltk_tscc - 12:21 8 July 2018 #

The waterdrops-thing was really something original! :)

s_t_s - 20:29 8 July 2018 #

Does it run on bare Falcon ? Anyway even though it's not outstanding, there is definitely a good 90s vibe into this enjoyable demo ! Congrats to everyone involved in this cool demo !

evil - 20:37 8 July 2018 #

Hey Daniel, thank you for this demo, it really made the compo end on a great note. I can't find anything negative thing to say, perfectly polished from start to end.

daniel - 19:33 19 July 2018 #

Thanks Evil! And yes, it runs on a bare Falcon with 4MB of ST-RAM.