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by The Electronic Knights


Know something about this production that we don't?


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The Electronic Knights Feb 2021

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evil - 20:43 16 June 2019 #

Nice prod and a I dig the zik :)

s_t_s - 08:03 18 June 2019 #

It is indeed a very nice and fresh production even though screens are a bit lengthy.

skarab - 10:36 18 June 2019 #

yes nice, a bit repetitive at the end but music does the job

bifat - 08:46 19 June 2019 #

Thanks for kind words. Still too lengthy? Hhmm... yea. I think the problem is more that there is too little variation and too little to watch besides the effects (graphics, patterns, background pictures, etc.) Also I'm totally not in glitches and that stuff. Graphicians wanted!

s_t_s - 06:52 22 June 2019 #

@Bifat : don't get me wrong your effects and colours are really really nice but they tend to stay on screen too long sometimes ie the dot tunnel. It could indeed use some variation or add small gfx here and there ? Still thumb up for the overall great quality !

bifat - 19:30 26 June 2019 #

I kind of agree. I spend extremely little time putting demos together nowadays, just copy'n'paste the demo scaffold, the music and latest or recycled effects in, most hassle is handled by the framework automatically, tweak the duration and palettes a bit to barely work against the boredom of just showing effects on an empty screen without the slightest variation. Important is the fun of making, the result is not that important to me. I couldn't care less about style, flow, design and sync nowadays, but I'll try to change that, with the help from our future graphicians. Or approach things entirely different some day.