Radix and xyce / Titan Oct 2012
!Cube / Aggression Dec 2014

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ltk_tscc - 10:12 7 July 2019 #

This is a killer! The greetings part is great!

TronicOfEffect - 23:03 8 July 2019 #

STUNNING! What a great demo!

evil - 23:20 8 July 2019 #

Guys, this is perfection to the smallest of details.
It makes me extremely happy to see this released for our platform and at the same time scratching my head how on earth we're going to match or come close to these kids in the future. Hats off!

daniel - 22:21 3 August 2020 #

Version 1.1 of JOY has been released (the download link has been updated).
This new version features compatibility with the 060 mode of CT6xx accelerated Falcons and a number of bug fixes. So no reason to switch to 030 mode anymore. Version 1.1 is identical, both visually and audibly, to the original version released at Sommarhack in July, 2019.