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작은 (small)

by K2 and Limp Ninja and Titan


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porocyon - 16:41 22 June 2020 #

exocet: smol is the dynamic-linking-optimization tool used to make the binary smaller, and clinkster is the 4k synth used in this prod. I'd say these tags are relevant?

exocet - 23:08 22 June 2020 #

porocyon: OK, fair enough! I've added a tag description for Smol so it's clearer what it's about.

porocyon - 00:36 24 June 2020 #

exocet: alright, thanks!

could you please also do that for vondehi (unpacking stub for Linux, see https://demozoo.org/productions/277990/ )? thanks. (I'm planning on adding a DZ/pouët entry for smol soon™, once the repo is cleaned up a bit more.)

exocet - 11:06 24 June 2020 #

Porocyon: sure, I've just added it.

porocyon - 20:30 24 June 2020 #