• Demo

In Waves

by Exocet and Tom and Tomchi

Know something about this production that we don't?


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daniel - 00:59 12 July 2022 #

You nailed it with this one Tom! The flow is perfect and the theme lingers throughout the entire demo, just like a wave! ;-)

Also love the catchy tune! Good work there Tomchi, it's a perfect match for the visuals... and so is the graphics!

raZen - 07:03 12 July 2022 #

I enjoyed the flow and the wonderful transitions of this demo. Well done!

yogib33r - 13:38 13 July 2022 #

Extra demo and rocks on my atari ste !
thanx and tomshi président ! :D


s_t_s - 20:07 13 July 2022 #

A very cool and enjoyable demo that shows once again that Tom is the new coder in town! Bring it on man and thank you for the fish!

mikro - 16:07 17 July 2022 #

Tom, you are such a promising coder! Well done, music, graphics, all fits together.

evil - 15:06 20 July 2022 #

Hey guys, that's a wonderful demo and the scroller is like a red line connecting the parts, hats off! :)