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Contact BBS (Intro Number 3)

by Electronic Images


Know something about this production that we don't?

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applecrypt - 13:14 9 December 2014 #

Brilliant 50fps update and in the border too. Beautiful intro (but that second half of the scroller... hmm)

mOdmate - 16:47 27 October 2018 #


CONTACT BBS (Intro number 3!) Coding: The Phantom Graphics: The Phantom and Master Music: Count Zero One routine supplied by Russel Payne (horayy!) This is an Electronic Images production! Let's goooo ya chimps!! Your beloved sysop here (Master).. Wowwwww! What an amazing (spurt, spurt) intro this is! Seems its taken 3 intros to get 1 (just one!) decent one at last! Ok, so they do say third time lucky! (this time its third time fukkin amaaaaaazin'!)... well just to brief (or debrief ooh) you on speeds, times and all the usual things you should know about the BBS... The BBS is online from 9pm, that's 9 in the EVENING!! overnight until 9am, that's 9 in MORNING! (or whenever I wake up, 9am is a bit early innit..?!)... At the mo, the modem can only do 1200/1200, 1200/75, 300/300... cos its a lazy bustad... a right wimp of a modem... But, you're gonna have to live with that, at least until I get my cash for my parts in games (Hey, any companies want me? All the Miss World gals had me, the semi finalists first, but didn't touch the winner - stuck up little b***h!)... Anyway, the number if you ain't seen it yet is... (+44) (081) 646 - 0746... again... (+44) (081) 646 - 0746... (Hey look up its Mr. Massive!)... Right then, what does the BB cater for... Well, the ST/E mainly, for all your demo needs, programming, and general use of the ST/E!! Also there are sections for Amiga, PC and Archimedes but as of yet are undeveloped so if you wanna sort something out, then CALL NOW!! The BBS also can act as a means of contact (there's that name again!) to the members of Inner Circle, especially - Electronic Images -... Right, some peenie greets now I think:- The Phantom(the small co sysop!), Count Zero(peenie!), Griff, and all other members of Inner Circle... Kegs (you'd better call me soon!!(please!)), Illegal Exception of TLT (hiya, thanks for the calls from Sweden! Info and disks on their way to you! Greets to all other TLT members and Eagles Nest BBS users!), S.S.R.(Great Arc stuff!!), JSD(New demo yet?).. To all ST demo crews especially - SYNC, TCB, All of the Union, All of Phalanx, All of The Alliance(West German, or rather German Alliance now!), Overlanders(Shame about the delay for the European Demos..), All crews who had a part in So Watt, ST Connexion, MCoder(VERY nice things from you!!), ULM(VERY nice things from you guys too!), Pompey Pirates, Medway Boys, Sewer Software, Automation, Birdy, 'BIG' Mikey B., Craig W., Andy R., Kevin H., New Order, and to simplify it EVERY other respected / decent ST demo crew or individual... Right, I'd better switch over now and let the simply juicy Phantypoos onto the keys... Bye bye everybody, and CALL THE BBS NOW! Oh and a plug for a BBS... Call -P-C-B- BBS, (0639) 871325, v21/22/22b/23, 11pm - 8am... Oh, some last greets to ALL the guys I know in the BBS world!(not many I guess..!)... Enough.. byeeee... Hiya buoys and gulls, this, of course, is The Phantom dribbling about sex again... There seems to be a few places in London that the real nice girlies emerge... Hampstead, Notting Hill Gate and Liverpool Street... Well, not forgetting those sultry secretaries in the City! What bums me up is that all these gals, and not one of 'em is being accompanied (NOT by an orchestra!)... Have their boyfriends left them that day? Is it when I walk out onto the street, all the guys hide in case I piss on them? And what gets me even more, is that when you ask one of these delicious females the time, you don't get savaged by them! Why not! In the old days we usedta walk around in the musty back streets of London, when suddenly, a handful of Brownies would gang rape us! As every member (oo-er) in Electronic Images is a true gentleman (and indeed, so is Mike Bourne), when a lady asks for a seat, we lovingly pop out our penises and say "sit on THIS!"... For this day and age it doesn't seem to work... Now, all these naughty delinquents go to the horrific extent of raping a woman/girl. Now what kind of behaviour is that? Well, we at Electronic Images (Phantom, Count, Gizmo, Master, Griff and Nightowl) beleive not in this uncouth practice. May they strike you down where you stand! Bastards! *sigh* Do you know I have this habit, when in front of my ST, of drawing my foreskin back and forth? You do now! Perhaps I see the good old ST as a phallic symbol... Perhaps, even more, my John Thomas itself is a phallic symbol (only smaller!)... What habits do YOU have? I keep on asking policemen to have me in the back of the van, telling lollipop women that they should give mega blow jobs, make traffic wardens examine my tailpipe, and commiting suicide. Yeah, I have already commited suicide eighteen times already, this being my eigth. I prefer slow death by Parliamentary debate, which sure beats overdose by inhaling cow farts. Still, what can you do in a world that is rapidly being savaged by man's own foolishness? Tell you what, if you feel like sending us money (because you feel sorry for me!), then don't do it. Send it instead to any charity, which will be of more use, and will make a lot more people in need a lot happier (and, indeed, yourself). OK... That's my bit (and it's on the end of my cock), so I'l say goodbye and until the new year demo... Or the game, perhaps? Seems every fucking demo coder is into games nowadays!! We gotta start SOMEwhere! Okeydokey, see you, and don't forget to admire the (always) 50 frames per second update with both borders removed, and my penis, which was carved out of the finest oak. Until the next life!