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MAC SYS DATA IS PROUD TO PRESENT PERSISTENCE OF VISION DEMO COMPILATION 118. MENU CODED BY MAC SYS DATA OF P.O.V., LOGO BY MAC SYS DATA BASED ON AN ORIGINAL BY OZ. MUSIC FROM THE KIDNEY BEAN DEMO. RELEASE DATE: 28TH JUNE 1992. HELLO DEMO AND MENU COLLECTOR TYPE DUDES, IT'S MAC SYS DATA ON THE KEYBOARD ONCE AGAIN BRINGING YOU MORE DEMOS ALL SQUASHED ONTO A SINGLE DISC. OH BEFORE I CARRY ON I MUST WRITE A FEW WORDS TO HANK..... YOUR HACK OF THE GALTAN 6 DEMO IS QUITE GOOD, I LIKED THE USE OF TWO PACKERS. I CHANGED THE ICE PACKER TO ATOMIC 3.5 BUT I SPENT ABOUT 2 HOURS ATTEMPTING TO REPLACE THE AUTOMATION 2.5 PACKER WITH ICE OR ATOMIC. I GAVE UP IN THE END AND JUST REPLACED THE ICE PACKER. I LOOK FORWARD TO REPACKING SOME OF YOUR OTHER HACKS! YO BORIS HAS JUST PHONED AND HE IS GONNA COME ROUND AND COPY SOME STUFF (I DON'T KNOW WHAT STUFF BUT HE'S GONNA COME ROUND ANYWWAY!). I'VE NOT DONE THIS FOR A WHILE SO HERE GOES WITH A MENTION OF A FEW PD LIBRARIES THAT WE HAVE HAD STUFF FROM RECENTLY........ A MEGA HELLO TO GEORGE AT TOWER PD, DEL AT D.W. STABLES, STU AT PROPHECY, PAUL at PAL PD AND BRUCE AT 'THE SOURCE PD'. there has been a lot of tracker discs released recently using griff's pro-tracker replay code. quite a few of the discs mention the pov tracker and how the new discs are better 'cause they are all packed and play in stereo on the ste. i must point out that when boris and i wrote the soundtracker the ste wasn't made. we coded the player approx. 3 years ago for 'the demo club' and it was the first decent pd player. we purposely wrote it so the demo club could simply bolt it to the front of a disc full of mods and our code would sort the rest out. using this method the demo club could use it many times without any further work from us. the discs were never meant to be the 'pov soundtracker discs' but were meant to belong to 'the demo club'. people seem to think we made them but we didn't, all we did was code the player and selector using the original replay routines from equinox which i patched and rewrote to give a better quality sound. if there are any other crews who wish to critisize our player and slag us off for discs we didn't make then go ahead. any slaggings towards us will result in us slagging you off forever, if you like the player then you will probably like the new one that I should release about xmas (if i can get some free time to code it!) there are several youngsters who have arrived on the scene and think they are god's gift to the st 'cause they stole griff's code and put their name on it. poeple like this get a bad name for themselves so when they get older and realise what a bunch of arse holes they've been they change their name and start to greet people in the hope that people won't figure out who they were before. aarrrrgggghhhhh! the world is full of lamers claiming how good they are when in fact they are only fit to kiss my butt. when people contact me i openly admit i am no great coder or hacker but i can code menus as you can see and have done some hacking. how many menus can these lamer claim to have written? i have written over 100 menus and have the source code to prove it. if you don't beleive i wrote them then hack any of my menus and you will see the coding technique is the same in every one. if you can't depack the menus and look at them you must be a lamer as it's easiest thing to do ever. right after all that i think it's time to do the greetings, a massive hi to...... ADRENALIN, ANIMAL MINE, BLACK CATS, BLIND BASTARD, CYNIX, D-BUG, DELTA FORCE, DR SYNE, ERIK PLANKTON, EQUINOX, FUSION, GENESIS INC., GEORGE (BART), INNER CIRCLE, KGB, MAD VISION, NOW 5 A.K.A PURE ENERGY, NOD, PAL PD, PIXEL TWINS, POMPEY PIRATES, PROPHECY PD, REPLICANTS, RIPPED OFF, SEWER SOFTWARE, SLAYTANIC CULT, ST CNX, STRANGER, TCB, THE SOURCE, THE SYNDICATE, UNITY, UTOS AND WILD! (CREDIT ME YOU BASTARDS). WELL THAT'S THE END OF THE SCROLLER AS I CAN'T BE ARSED TO TYPE SOME MORE CRAP SO BOG OFF FATTY! P.O.V., P.O. BOX 40, THORNTON-CLEVELEYS, BLACKPOOL, LANCS., FY5 3PH. ENGLAND. MAC SYS DATA IS PROUD TO PRESENT.... STOP! I lied, here is a bit of info..... in the good old days pov used to release a disc a week sometimes more. about 17 months ago I changed jobs and started working some 56 miles away from home. I travelled this distance everyday which took an hour each way, as a result the number of pov discs being released went down. on the 13th july 1992 i am changing jobs again and moving back to where i was before (but doing the same job I am now). my new work place is only 13 miles away so i should be able to spend more time on my ste which should mean more pov discs. okay here is the real end of text so see ya soon.