- saL1, Sal-1, S/\L-1

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Sal-One was an Amiga ASCII artist and the sysop of Boondocks BBS, which was HQ for a large number of groups from 1991 until 1998 - it even has its own Facebook page. It ran for TRSI, LSD, OGN, HF, ILS, SXI, RDZ, GCS, TOC and Duz in july of 1995, according to The Dutch BBS List - The July 1995 Edition.

He first appeared on the Lightforce memberlist in august and september of 1996.

Sal-1 was listed as a Data Division member in march of 1997, but gone from a november memberlist.


Feeding The Masses - Graphics (guest ascii)
Amiga OCS/ECS - ASCII Collection
Aerosol Oct 2003
Koureni Vazne Poskozuje Zdravi - Graphics (guest ascii)
Amiga OCS/ECS - ASCII Collection
1oo% Sep 2003

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