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Productions (11)

Checkmate - Code, Graphics
Amstrad CPC - 4K Intro
Pulpo Corrosivo Apr 2023
Foursome - Code
Amstrad CPC - 32K Intro
Pulpo Corrosivo Oct 2022
Debris - Code
Amstrad CPC - 40k Intro
Pulpo Corrosivo Aug 2022
Open Space - Code (additional)
Amstrad CPC - 4K Intro
Vanity Apr 2022
Daymo of the Tentacle - Other (Direction), Code
Amstrad CPC - 4K Intro
Arkos and Praline and Pulpo Corrosivo Apr 2020
Octopus Pocus - Other (direction), Code
Amstrad CPC - Demo
Pulpo Corrosivo Apr 2019
Amstrad CPC - Demo
Benediction and Dirty Minds and Futurs' and GPA and Pulpo Corrosivo and Shinra and Vanity Jun 2016
Still Rising - Code (Pulpo Corrosivo cracktro)
Amstrad CPC - Demo
Vanity Mar 2013
Orion Prime - Code (End credits)
Amstrad CPC - Game
Arkos and Les Sucres En Morceaux Sep 2009
Demoniak #7 - Text (interviewed)
Amstrad CPC - Diskmag
Arkos Apr 2000
Big'o'Full'o'Dem'o - Graphics (end part)
Amstrad CPC - Demo
Arkos Aug 1999

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