Fix me beautiful

tomaes - 16:34 15 January 2014 #


...should add:

"Features probably the only marriage proposal in an endscroller of a c64 demo."

tomaes - 17:01 15 January 2014 #


Please add:

"The final version (as seen in the screenshots), 'Breitbandkatze 100%' was released in January 1998."

T-101 - 19:40 15 January 2014 #


gasman - 22:45 15 January 2014 #

Re http://demozoo.org/productions/20329/ - I've just removed the alias "Keine Ahnung", as I'm pretty sure that's just some foolishness in the MS1998 results.txt, and the demo itself refers to Smash Designs throughout. I say that here as my first thought on reading the above was "wait, didn't Smash Designs have a C64 demo with a marriage proposal as well?" :-)

Saga_Musix - 23:25 15 January 2014 #

Speaking of "Keine Ahnung", I think this really shouldn't be a group, too many different unconnected things in there:)

Saga_Musix - 23:26 15 January 2014 #

(I came across this because the demo by z brothers from dihalt lite was attributed to this group, as the results file said "unknown")

dipswitch - 00:31 16 January 2014 #

I think if Smash Design submitted the demo as "Keine Ahnung" (given it is not due to some creativity of the m's results compilers), then it should stay as an alias to reflect the fact.

tomaes - 10:46 16 January 2014 #

It's difficult to say, where to draw the line. There's the other case of "Driss" (Cologne dialect for "crap" or "dunk"), another big screen alias of them, also listed as such in the results file (MS '99); for the entire first part of the demo[1], they use that handle on screen (apparently to make fun of swedish demos and/or people who hated them for their pc-like demos on C64?) and then switch to Smash for the second part. The disk dir art also mentions "Driss" only.

[1] http://demozoo.org/productions/22148/

tomaes - 12:05 16 January 2014 #

Dupe: http://demozoo.org/productions/24901/
Please merge party info into: http://demozoo.org/productions/8052/

I re-upload the screenshots later.

tomaes - 13:20 16 January 2014 #

(re: Smash Designs aliases: Here's another one: http://demozoo.org/productions/4313/)

menace - 06:07 17 January 2014 #

tomaes: I kept http://demozoo.org/productions/24901/, it was just easier that way. Two minutes work for me, and you don't have to recvisit the screenshots. :)

The Starforce added as a Smash Designs alias, and prod re-pointed to that.

tomaes - 10:48 17 January 2014 #


Btw, I've noticed that people added a bunch of (formerly) commercial games:


Even if they are Abandonware now, they don't really belong here, I guess.

ltk_tscc - 11:51 17 January 2014 #

Well its a matter of definition... and they were done by a scenegroup under their name as far as I saw it. In my definition they belong here... but I let others decide.

tomaes - 17:46 17 January 2014 #

Note for http://demozoo.org/productions/45277/

"While the original DOS version is fully monochrome, the final Windows version has the Bakkslide logo in color."

menace - 05:15 18 January 2014 #

tomaes: Added.

otium - 15:04 18 January 2014 #


Shadow drowned in a river during the summer of 2004.

toms - 15:29 18 January 2014 #


This is a music, not a production. Can you fix it please? (I can't do it)

menace - 18:43 18 January 2014 #

otium: noted.

toms: Fixed. Only admins can change the supertype of a production (graphics, music or production), so just tell us if you come across any and we'll fix accordingly.

tomaes - 13:30 19 January 2014 #

Can we have an 80k intro category? There are tons of those from Bronc and other groups.

ltk_tscc - 16:48 19 January 2014 #

and I request a 96k one :)

menace - 18:13 19 January 2014 #

Show us a list of at least 5 different parties that has had competitions for a certain size configuration, and we'll consider it - otherwise we'd have 99 intro categories and it becomes impossible to find what you're looking for unless you absolutely know the size beforehand. It's about finding a balance.

radman - 18:26 19 January 2014 #

Please delete both as dupes:



ltk_tscc - 20:17 19 January 2014 #

radman: done.

Menace: for my case every atari party since 1995 when they invented the 96k category.

menace - 07:16 20 January 2014 #

ltk_tscc: That information still makes it hard to search, gief links :)

Jcl - 07:38 20 January 2014 #

menace: although 'died' is correct (about Shadow's note), I'd use the softer "passed away". To me, the former looks too rough, at least on this context.

menace - 12:21 20 January 2014 #

Jcl: Fair enough. We are planning a feature to handle this stuff down the line, and we do need to use words that lets us find those people again when we need to search those profiles out later. I'll add "passed away" to the list, and have edited the entry accordingly.

ltk_tscc - 16:22 20 January 2014 #

Menace: some examples here (even if the compo is not always called 96k the rules for those compos size-limited the files to 96k)


http://demozoo.org/parties/846/ (not offical 96k compo here because it was merged with the other systems but the atari entries are in 96k).



Here you get an idea how many prods are in 96k: http://www.pouet.net/prodlist.php?order=added&type%5B%5D=96k&platform%5B%5D=Atari+Falcon+030&platform%5B%5D=Atari+ST&platform%5B%5D=Atari+STe&page=1

toms - 07:52 21 January 2014 #

These 2 profiles are for the same scener:


Could you please merge them?

ltk_tscc - 08:03 21 January 2014 #

toms: merged.

gasman - 12:46 21 January 2014 #

re 96K intro as a category, my question would be: is there a culture of 'squeezing as much as you can into the 96K limit', or does it just serve as an upper limit to stop people taking the piss and submitting a megademo? If it's the latter, I think those prods would be properly categorised as simply 'intro', because the 96K restriction isn't fundamentally 'designed in' to the production in the same way as today's 64K intros. (By analogy: there is no such category as '8Mb demo', even if there were lots of compos that set an 8Mb limit.)

ltk_tscc - 16:33 21 January 2014 #

Gasman: Sure its the same intention as the amiga scene had for the 64k intro. The organizers from the Fried Bits 3 in 1995 wanted to have such a thing for the atari scene without copying the amiga scene and calling it 64k too. Still one of the best 96k's with the most fx is one of my own group :)

tomaes - 16:53 21 January 2014 #



"Half a demake of the Amiga demo 'My Kingdom' by Haujobb"

tomaes - 19:42 21 January 2014 #


This one should be TMDC 1998 (aka TMDC 3, http://www.pouet.net/party.php?which=167&when=1998), not '99. Didn't check whether the other party years need to be shifted as well.

menace - 07:04 22 January 2014 #

tomas: The thing about My Kondom feeds into issue #17 on our issue tracker, and will be properly categorized as being inspired by My Kingdom when the feature gets implemented. I've created a stopgap solution to keep track of the productions that would need to be tackled for this via a tag, that can be found here: http://demozoo.org/productions/tagged/related/

For more information: https://github.com/demozoo/demozoo/issues/17

As for the TMDC edition, you are absolutely right. I think the competition was held in december and productions released in january is what caused the confusion originally. I will try and clean it all up.

menace - 07:18 22 January 2014 #

ltk_tscc: You've convinced me that it's a staple of the atari platform, and soon as we can fix a minor hiccup (see the admin mailinglist), I'll make sure it gets in there.

tomaes: Have not seen enough compelling evidence on the 80k front that that's a "thing", so unfortunately you'll have to do with "Intro" for these. Feel free to use a tag for the 80k's, though.

kusma - 13:14 22 January 2014 #

This group doesn't exist, please delete: http://demozoo.org/groups/41927/

It's an incorrect entry of this guy, for a single-person contribution: demozoo.org/sceners/46756/

tomaes - 13:42 22 January 2014 #

I think tags should really be lowercased before doing the search, so that "Textmode" also includes the results of "textmode". :)

dipswitch - 13:43 22 January 2014 #

kusma: done

menace - 13:53 22 January 2014 #

tomaes: https://github.com/demozoo/demozoo/issues/29

tomaes - 19:24 22 January 2014 #


Place should be none, as it was not shown. :)

tomaes - 19:45 22 January 2014 #

(aaaah, it's actually a dupe, please delete then.)

Unlock - 19:59 22 January 2014 #

http://demozoo.org/productions/52893/ is an MP3 music, would be great if you could change the type. thanks.

Unlock - 20:06 22 January 2014 #

And please merge http://demozoo.org/sceners/46762/ into http://demozoo.org/sceners/18105/ dk-909 is just another name for dk9.

T-101 - 21:59 22 January 2014 #

tomaes and Unlock: done

metoikos - 20:17 23 January 2014 #

Parties in the @party series:

@party 2010
@party Minidemo Montréal (2010)
@party 2011
@party Minidemo Montréal Deux (2011)
@party 2012
@party 2013
@party 2014

Parties in the Récursion series:
Récursion 2012
Récursion 2013

Organizers of the Récursion series 2014 and on = not me.

menace - 09:50 24 January 2014 #

Metoikos: Yeah, not entirely sure what you want us to do with that information that you could not simply put into the database yourself?

tomaes - 11:12 24 January 2014 #


"Party version (as shown at Breakpoint '03) and final version differ wildly in content. The screenshots come from the original party version."

T-101 - 14:14 24 January 2014 #

tomaes: noted

tomaes - 17:28 24 January 2014 #


"An executable version of this half finished demo never came to light. The screenshots were taken from the Assembly.TV video capture."

kris - 18:01 24 January 2014 #


Never been a Scoopex member. Could you please delete the last phrase? Thanks :)

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