Fix me beautiful

dipswitch - 19:22 5 February 2014 #

yes, please do so, and post the answer to the riddle here - i'll fix this accordingly! thanks a lot! good to have you on board! =)

tinyz - 08:09 6 February 2014 #

hello there.

kts!ascii was an offshoot of the Katharsis Amiga demo scene group. By the time I got into KTS, it was dead in all but name, most of the members were starting or finishing college and had tons of other priorities - mostly making money, this was early 1990s Poland, after all. I doubt most KTSers could pick me up out of a lineup now. ToconT was own with them as well, and when he ran Are You Sure? BBS around 1993-94, he wrote a bunch of extensions for the board software he was running.

That's actually how I got into KTS, met one of the guys via AYS? We've been friends ever since, I think he'll get a kick out of me reminding him of the group...

dipswitch - 11:07 6 February 2014 #

TinyZ, welcome here and thanks for sharing your story! So it means it IS all the same group, right - the Amiga group, the PPE group, and the ascii group KTS!A?

tomaes - 19:28 6 February 2014 #

dipswitch et al; maybe open another thread for this?

Here's my request from the page before that got droned out:


Please delete the screenshot (it's the one taken from pouet). Although the font _is_ weird, it doesn't have to look _that_ bad. ;)

Also http://demozoo.org/productions/712/screenshots/

Shots 2 and 3 should be remade, they look quite buggy this way; So, probably the whole set.

radman - 22:19 6 February 2014 #

dupe merge/delete requested:



menace - 08:40 7 February 2014 #

tomaes: Sorry about that. Screenshots from http://demozoo.org/productions/8157/ and http://demozoo.org/productions/712/ now gone.

radman: It seems someone beat me to it, but at least it's done. :)

tomaes - 21:14 7 February 2014 #


The note should add that there is another, (in my experience more compatible) port of this intro by ript/disaster area.

menace - 06:57 8 February 2014 #

tomaes: Good morning! Done. :)

tomaes - 09:21 8 February 2014 #

Thanks. :)

Here's a dupe: http://demozoo.org/productions/26206/ (of

menace - 06:15 9 February 2014 #

tomaes: Fixed!

Unlock - 12:50 9 February 2014 #

http://demozoo.org/productions/38467/ is of type "graphics" thanks

menace - 20:05 9 February 2014 #

Unlock: Fixed :)

CONS - 07:38 10 February 2014 #


Download link is wrong.
According to Mazor, that is not his entry. He was kind enough to submit the correct one (which is not to be found on scene.org yet) here:


ltk_tscc - 09:41 10 February 2014 #

Cons: link deleted and screenshot added :)

tomaes - 11:32 10 February 2014 #

Btw, do you plan to add some sort of tag line or minimal explanation to the front page, about what this site actually is and what it is trying to achieve, etc.? For people, who are not scene-know-it-all's, that would be really helpful, I imagine. :)

menace - 12:58 10 February 2014 #

tomaes: This is the completely wrong thread for your question, but it's a valid concern. We're open to suggestions on how to improve everything, including the front page. Let's continue the discussion here: http://demozoo.org/forums/6/

radman - 18:47 10 February 2014 #


more information forthcoming, but the correct date is February 9, 2014.

R.I.P. ewheat

dipswitch - 22:55 10 February 2014 #

very sad new. date fixed.

as for more information - we haven't yet fully decided how we will deal with deceased sceners, but i think the consensus reached up to now is that we won't publicise any information besides the date (like death cause etc.)

dipswitch - 22:55 10 February 2014 #


T-101 - 14:07 11 February 2014 #

publishing cause of death or other specifics would be in bad taste imho. on the other hand, if the sceners real name was public info before the fact, I dont see why it should be removed

tomaes - 19:12 11 February 2014 #

Here's a dupe: http://demozoo.org/productions/5601/ (original, where the party info is yet missing: http://demozoo.org/productions/8294/); They both include the bonus stuff and link to the same file.

T-101 - 19:42 11 February 2014 #

dupe deleted

tomaes - 12:54 12 February 2014 #


Can you delete the last 3 screenshots? I like to redo them, because the first and second ones don't show the actual effects. (and the third one is in the way and would break the chronological order, if it would remain).

tomaes - 13:11 12 February 2014 #


Note can be deleted. :)

menace - 20:05 12 February 2014 #

tomaes: Last 3 screenshots deleted, note removed. :)

tomaes - 22:13 13 February 2014 #


Please set to "disqualified";

menace - 07:58 14 February 2014 #

tomaes: Done. :)

tomaes - 20:30 14 February 2014 #


Please delete the screenshot. It's only a scene from the very end and this production clearly deserves better. :)

menace - 11:52 15 February 2014 #

tomaes: Done, and agreed! :)

tomaes - 12:30 15 February 2014 #


Some nice screenshot collision. I didn't reload the page beforehand. ;) (my palette is a bit nicer, I believe...)

menace - 12:40 15 February 2014 #

OK, sure, I'll delete mine then :) What did you use for your screenshot to get a different palette? I'm just using the latest WinVICE with no adjustments.

tomaes - 16:23 15 February 2014 #

I tweaked the CRT emulation and color values to make it look more natural (aka the way it looked on my TV, back in the days :)). The default settings make everything look way too saturated. Although the CRT values don't matter for screenshots taken with ALT+C, the better gamma / colors help a lot. Here are my settings for the settings->video dialog:

Colors: 2.1 / 1.0 / 1.3 / 1.0 / 1.0
CRT: 0.867 / 0.3 / 1.250 / 0.750

menace - 16:34 15 February 2014 #

Thanks for the input! I may do a separate thread on "proper" screenshotting for different platforms - may be good to get people with expertise dropping hints, instead of hacks like me doing it wrong ;)

tomaes - 16:57 15 February 2014 #

menace: That's actually an interesting topic.

There are all sorts of tweaked / interlaced / frame-switched* modes demos use on different platforms that make it quite hard to get "real" screenshots. More often than not, I also compromise on that, because getting 60 HZ video and then manually compositing frames to get something close to what you visually perceive just takes too much time. This is maybe a long-term goal, when there is nothing else left to do. ;)

* (alternating between two or more frames to get the visual impression of a higher color resolution)

tomaes - 15:07 16 February 2014 #


The first screenshot belongs to a different demo.

tomaes - 19:36 16 February 2014 #


C64 demo results won't sort. WTF? :)

gasman - 22:20 16 February 2014 #

Oh yes they will :-)

(You have to drag them into order manually - we don't do it based on the rankings, because... I can't remember actually :-) I guess it's because we want to preserve results.txt orderings as closely as possible, including joint placings and things like 'disqualified' / 'not shown' which aren't part of a natural ordering)

tomaes - 10:17 17 February 2014 #


Another picture that is not a screenshot from the actual demo.

menace - 10:24 17 February 2014 #

tomaes: Deleted the screenshot from http://demozoo.org/productions/161/

AS for http://demozoo.org/productions/100529/ I think Randy put that in as a placeholder. I'll try to make actual ones soooon. :)

Odyn1ec - 14:01 19 February 2014 #

Can you delente first screenshots of:
on my profile?
I added pictures in correct pallete.

AdamK - 14:31 19 February 2014 #

How can I get to http://demozoo.org/productions/ from homepage?

jok - 17:52 19 February 2014 #

i thing that delete screenshoot option is needed :)
for example - datastorm 2014 gfx entry 8 - first screenshoot.

and some of my gfx are wrong too, but it can wait

menace - 05:56 20 February 2014 #

Odyn1ec: Thanks for adding new ones, I've deleted the ones you requested.

AdamK: You click where it says "Productions" at the top of the page, just right from the Demozoo logo?

jok: Please provide links, and I'll be happy to help.

We've tried having the option to delete screenshots available for all users, but yeah - guess what, it was abused. We may bring it back later so that you can freely manipulate screenshots associated with your own account, but that would need the whole "link login to database presence" to be in place, and yeah... know any good developers? We'd love to have some more help. Much to do, and not a lot of us to go around :)

Odyn1ec - 10:43 20 February 2014 #

Thank you, menace. It's much better now:)

rahow - 22:54 23 February 2014 #

Hi everyone...

So, i already clean-up, but could you please delete this scener:

(who is in real, this one (AKA me ^^) : http://demozoo.org/sceners/8404/ --> i already switch his prods to the good one ^^ )

And also delete the following group:

(who are in real this one : http://demozoo.org/groups/13374/ ---> i also already clean-up the all thing ^^)

Thanx a lot ^^

T-101 - 10:41 24 February 2014 #

rahow: both deleted

tomaes - 09:02 18 March 2014 #


First screenshot can be deleted. I was just messing around with the CRT settings etc. Second shot is how it's supposed to look like. :)

T-101 - 22:39 18 March 2014 #


rahow - 20:27 20 March 2014 #

T-101 : Ohhh, thank you very much ^^

Samurai - 12:12 24 March 2014 #


Accidently added a screenshot twice. -> Doublet can be remove, thanx.

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