Fix me beautiful

ltk_tscc - 12:47 24 March 2014 #

Hey Samurai: It's gone :)

CONS - 16:47 26 March 2014 #


Resetsurvivor is the artist, JRNY = Journey = title of the work.

tomaes - 16:53 26 March 2014 #


dipswitch - 02:15 27 March 2014 #

tomaes: you forgot to delete the now superfluous "jrny" entry. done.

lamb - 11:09 29 March 2014 #

I'd be happy to be able to edit my own compo-winning list in the productions. There'a lot of bullshit at my profile and no way to change it.

ltk_tscc - 11:47 29 March 2014 #

Please link to your profile and explain exactly what you want to have changed... some stuff can be edited by yourself, some not.

rahow - 11:55 29 March 2014 #

Real Name: David Kaminski

Apex was a French-based Amiga demo group formed by Codac and Rahow, from the city of Rosny-sous-bois in France durring 1993.
Their first recruit was Ranma/NHD who join as doublemember, then several new comers in the demoscene.
Durring 1994, Tenshu, Bosco and Oby-one from Protagonist jointed the group. They will leave it with Codac and german members Kestrel and Angelwings in may 1995 to form Syndrome.

dipswitch - 14:36 29 March 2014 #

Rahow: Does this mean that you are okay with us adding your realname?
As for the 2nd text: Is this the group description that you want us to add?

lamb - 19:36 29 March 2014 #

Ok, but when I said there's a lot to complement, I really meant it. So here you go:

Missing (or bad) party-winnings for these tunes - errata:

Among the Stars: 1st at Big Chip Compo 8 (4kB Category)

Autumn Rain: 1st at Big Chip Compo 7 (1kB Category)

Day and Night: 2nd at Abstract 2005 (Chip Compo)

Dom: 3rd at Exposive 2004 (Chip Compo)

Ebony Owl Netsuke: 4th place at ChipYxa 6 Compo

Elfia piesn: 1st at Symphony 2004 (Chip Compo)

Faerie Realm: 5th at Ifparty 2005 (Chip Compo)

In Your Arms: 1st at ChipYxa 3 Compo

Janosik: 1st at Synthesis 2003 (Chip Compo)

Lightbeam: 4th at Backslash 2007 (32kB Music Compo)

Loneliness: 5th at Abstract 2005 (Chip Compo)

Memoirs (vinyl mix): 3rd at Winter-Chip 2006 (8kB Category)

Midnight: 1st at MMTAC 2005 (100kB Category)

Mind Validator: 2nd at Dect-Compo #2

Mus Hinther Oom: 4th at Winter-Chip 2006 (48kB Category)

Platki sniegu: 3rd at ChipYxa 3 Compo

Syksyinen Lehti: 3rd at Big Chip Compo 7 (4kB Category)

The Notebook: 2nd at Big Chip Compo 7 (32kB Category)


Branch - 22:32 29 March 2014 #

remove this. my bad

menace - 09:56 30 March 2014 #

lamb: Yay, lots of info \o/ - though you ARE aware that this is a community-driven site, and you can edit stuff yourself, right?

You've added compo placings for a lot of compos that we haven't added to the database - most likely because they were never uploaded to scene.org. But we can fix that! :) Could you please supply us with links and/or information for the Big Chip Compo, Exposive, Chipyxa, Winter-Chip, MMTAC and Dect-Compo compos, so we can get it ALL in there, not just the ones you mentioned?

Now, as for Day and Night, Elfia piesn, Janosik, Lightbeam and Loneliness - I don't see anything in those entries that you mentioned that is not already correct?

Fairie Realm - you gave an url pointing to a diffent entry (Farewell Tears), but it would appear http://demozoo.org/music/81550/ leads to Fairie Realm and the information is already correct in relation to what you wrote.

menace - 09:56 30 March 2014 #

Branch: No worries - removed :)

menace - 09:59 30 March 2014 #

Rahow and dipswitch: I'm gonna go ahead an suggest that is exactly what he meant, and add that info :)

Rahow: Hope you don't mind I corrected the grammar slightly, and will add-in some hyperlinking. :)

lamb - 12:53 30 March 2014 #

menace: I'm not able to edit party/compo-winnings or just can't see where - "checked everywhere" syndrome or? ;-)

Yeah, I'm digging the links at the moment, but I'm afraid some might be dead already. Will do my best and post them.

ltk_tscc - 15:06 30 March 2014 #

Maybe Archive.org can help if you know the old links?

menace - 20:47 30 March 2014 #

lamb: Cool, let me know what you come up with. I've gotten started with the Chipyxa compos, so I'm running with those for now. :) Expect all that stuff to be in the database in the not too distant future.

rahow - 20:56 1 April 2014 #

Menace: "Hope you don't mind I corrected the grammar slightly" ---> are you kinding me? ^^ thanx a lot for that !!

Notice : i removed TLM from Apex --> i begged him to join the group but he refused ^^;;; --> the song where he's credited is a coop by him AND Bacter/Apex ^^ (sorry for the mess ^^ )

rahow - 20:58 1 April 2014 #

Oh, i have another request :

It's a Komplex production... but when they still wrote it "Complex" --> i see other prod could belong to the Komplex group and be branded "Complex" at the same time but i don't know how to do this...
Di you think you could fix this ?

dipswitch - 21:03 1 April 2014 #

rahow: last one fixed.

menace - 05:44 2 April 2014 #

rahow: If you look at the group ( http://demozoo.org/groups/175/ ), you will see they have a block under their name called 'Also known as' which includes any alternative names they have used. This means you can credit productions to them under either name. To change an existing record, you edit the production and simply substitute the name for the one used for this particular production.

tomaes - 11:49 5 April 2014 #


This guy claims to be an active member of a million Amiga groups. Some Amiga person might wanna check on that. :)

dipswitch - 17:12 5 April 2014 #

Tomaes: Zinko is the ex-sysop of Northern Palace, one of the most legendary Amiga boards. Since, afaik, Northern Palace made sysop membership mandatory for groups wanting the board to become HQ, I don't see any reason to question the legitimacy of Zinko's memberships.

dipswitch - 19:52 5 April 2014 #

However, this is a really good case in favour to implement user direct messaging...

kusma - 11:42 7 April 2014 #


Please delete this user. I incorrectly added him, when he was already added (http://demozoo.org/sceners/20973/). However, the auto-completion thingie didn't suggest him (I only wrote "Ree", since that was what the info-file listed), so perhaps looking into why this didn't work is worth a stab (my guess would be that it didn't try to match the second word of the name)?

menace - 12:16 7 April 2014 #

kusma: Deleted the profile in question, and added the one that was already in the database to Outracks (since I saw you had done that to the one you created).

Autocomplete should indeed suggest him when you enter "Ree", as it did for me just now. If you come across this wonkyness again, please let us know and I'll have our highly trained chimpansees try and replicate it.

kusma - 19:58 7 April 2014 #

menace: Thanks. Autcomplete was probably a PEBCAK, then.

radman - 18:34 11 April 2014 #

http://demozoo.org/sceners/43112/ may be deleted, as it is a dupe of 40194.

menace - 14:35 12 April 2014 #

radman: deleted.

RufUsul - 19:34 18 April 2014 #

please merge:

menace - 13:46 19 April 2014 #

RufUsul: Done.

But be aware that you can do the actual merging (moving all the info over to one of the profiles) yourself, and then you can just notify us when you want the extra profile deleted. :)

Samurai - 22:01 21 April 2014 #

Double screenshots in this prod. One Screenshot still has the Hatari elements. That one is for delete. Thanx


tomaes - 07:14 22 April 2014 #

Deleted the first one.

ltk_tscc - 10:59 22 April 2014 #

Samurai: Wrong size anyway. Please only do original resolution screenshots.

cherri_kandler - 20:22 22 April 2014 #

probably the same scener:


menace - 13:31 23 April 2014 #

cheeri_kandler: Well spotted! Fixed. :)

cherri_kandler - 15:40 23 April 2014 #

dupe of http://demozoo.org/productions/81970/

ltk_tscc - 19:11 23 April 2014 #

cherri_kandler: dupe deleted.

cherri_kandler - 22:05 23 April 2014 #

please merge

proof ;)

menace - 06:57 24 April 2014 #

cherri_kandler: On it. And not only what you discovered, but the Soundcloud link on http://ricardocabello.com/blog reveals he is ALSO r08028/xplsv. Fixing that too. :)

tomaes - 17:27 24 April 2014 #

Do you remember the discussion about 8kb intros? As revision had a proper 8k compo, it might be time to add a proper 8k intro production type after all. :)

cherri_kandler - 23:52 24 April 2014 #

please delete:

the rocket is group, not scener

dipswitch - 00:02 25 April 2014 #

cherri_kandler: deleted.

hellfire - 10:34 25 April 2014 #

On this prod: http://demozoo.org/productions/109053/screenshots/
Can you please remove the first screenshot because it's buggy: http://media.demozoo.org/screens/o/23/89/b12b.56889.jpg
I've already uploaded a better one: http://media.demozoo.org/screens/o/17/c0/62cb.57297.jpg
And maybe it's possible to move that one to the front?

tomaes - 11:28 25 April 2014 #

hellfire: I was wondering, why you added that one. Unfortunately, there's no feature for moving screenshots around (yet), so I'd have to delete all of them and re-add them in the right order, I guess.

tomaes - 11:32 25 April 2014 #

Ok, done. :)

cherri_kandler - 13:31 25 April 2014 #

please delete
dupe of http://demozoo.org/sceners/21899/

cherri_kandler - 13:50 25 April 2014 #

please merge:

cherri_kandler - 14:06 25 April 2014 #

please merge:

menace - 07:33 26 April 2014 #

cherri_kandler: First one deleted, but second and third are joke group aliases - so unless I find compelling evidence (e.g. they log on and tell me themselves, or are open about it in some release) then these won't get merged.

cherri_kandler - 14:48 26 April 2014 #

menace: ok

info from offical jormas page:

and da jormas wasn't just joke group ;)

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