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The Respectables are a demogroup from Trier/Germany. The founding members of TRB were Duke (Coding) and Tyrem (Graphics). They started doing demos on Atari ST at the end of the 1988.

The Respectables were later joined by CIA who changed his name to Hawkmoon after a few months. Their first major release was a guest screen in Syntax Terror by Delta Force in 1990, followed by their contribution in Ooh Crikey wot a Scorcher from The Lost Boys and their part for Dark Side of the Spoon by ULM. In Dark Side of the Spoon Tyrem and Hawkmoon also did some grafix for ULM because of the fact that Luxemburg (home of ULM) was close to the Respectables headquater. A big part of Ooh Crikey wot a Scorcher was finished in Tyrem's old flat when some guys from The Lost Boys, Legacy and The CareBears came together to live there for two month.

During the high times of Thalion the Respectables were frequent visitors at their office in Gütersloh/Germany. That was also the time when they met and became friends with most of the inernational Atari demo scene. At one visit Tyrem was asked to jump in to do some artwork for the Gigatex AK-Screen for Life's A Bitch since nobody else had time to help TEX and the Gigabyte Crew out. This was also the time when the Respectables were asked to do the high score list for Monster Business by Eclipse Software Design. Tyrem was asked to do one Level for Stone Age, also published by Eclipse Software Design.

MegaTrax, the first megademo from the Respectables on STE never saw the light allthough it was 80% finished. It was an ongoing demo with different parts, only shown to a very limited group of people.

In 93 the Respectables teamed up one last time for the first Atari Falcon production, the CeBit 93 Demo. Tyrem worked with Chaos/Sanity on the real Terminal Fuckup for the Falcon. They were working on a car-racing game for the Falcon.

Tyrem and Mad Max are running a business called SellFix together. Tyrem also runs a videogame store in the heart of Trier for more than 15 years. Duke made a job out of his coding skills and Hawkmoon is working in a local shop in Trier.

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