United Couriers

- UC

Also known as

  • United Couriers 1993
  • United Couriers Internet Division - UC-ID

UC celebrated their 3rd year anniversary in 1994.

They traded both PC and console warez both in North America and to Europe. In 1993 they often claimed they were the one of the oldest active courier groups.

If you would like to be a part of one of the oldest and most respected groups in the PC and CONSOLE world then fill out this application and return it to one of the numbers listed below.

In 1994 they were official couriers for PWA.

They also had a separate Internet Division (UC-ID).

Productions (3)

MS-Dos - Tool
United Couriers May 1995
MS-Dos - Cracktro
United Couriers 1994
MS-Dos - Cracktro
United Couriers 1992

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