Cryptoburners, IT and Visual Arts Party 1990

  • 7th - 11th April 1990
  • Drammen, Norway

Cryptoburners, IT and Visual Arts Party 1990 (also known as Drammen Party) was held at Drammen Gymnas in Drammen, Norway for the Amiga scene exclusively. The party place opened at 14:00, and about 400 people attended. At 17:00, Police arrived to shut down the party. They sieged the building, turned off the electricity and entered. The first room they entered was where Fraxion was busily copying videos. The Police proceeded to announce the party was cancelled, and many people panicked - trying to exit the party place in any way possible. The reason for the Police raid was software distributors (namely BJ Electronics and Tanum Data) who had tipped the Police off about the party, wanting it stopped.

Information from invitation in Cryptoburners Fourth Dimension 1 (march) and Fourth Dimension 2 (may) diskmagazines, and a party report in the Norwegian papermag Digital, issue 03/90.


Amiga OCS/ECS - Demo
Cryptoburners and It and Visual Arts Mar 1990


Amiga OCS/ECS - Musicdisk
Crusaders May 1990
Amiga OCS/ECS - Intro
Crusaders Apr 1990

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ex__B_i_T___Eon - 11:54 20 April 2016 #

Lol, the big bust party. Believe it or not, that made the whole scene reconsider in way, that became the infamous "demoscene" later, where own productions was the focus. Where I actually had several top placements as "B.i.T/Eon", and that "scene" is what many people like about the amiga, including me. So, it wasn´t that bad, really.

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Peaceful Greetings!

ex__B_i_T___Eon - 20:11 5 May 2018 #

Hm no edit button on comments. Actually, it seems they were setup by crackers, we were discussing this on pouet now. Cracking Scene and Demoscene were indeed different things, and it seems this tried to be a demoscene party, one of the first with such a focus. I knew them also, they were like that.

Loosely based on RH- many years later: