Exposive 2004

Other Exposive parties:

Exposive 2004 was held in Trzcińsko, Poland. Entrance fee was 30 PLN. Tra7 was one of the organizers. Information from text in Savage 1.

Very little is known of this party, except a few snippets here and there. The group Suspend published this news item on their web page;

"Exposive 2k+4 Feedback:
We didn't released any coded production at this party, except party version of grass music disk [ BPM II ] ! Final version will be available soon.
Neverthless we succeed a few competitions:
- Mime was 1st in pixel graphics competition. [see graphics]
- Diodak was 2nd in pixel graphics competition. [see graphics]
- Degrysin was 1st in raytracing competition. [see ray]
- Lsd [giku] 1st in mp3 competition [downland mp3]
- Revisq was 2nd in mp3 competiton [downland mp3]

Results from Savage 2 (april 2004).

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