2nd Magic Cube

by Mad Vision

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mOdmate - 16:34 29 October 2018 #


Hello and welcome to the first demo ever by EXP of MAD VISION. Credits are: Ideas / code / font / cube bitmap by EXP Music by Count Zero The big 'MADVISION' word in the middle of the screen was drawn in 15 colours by DEF KLF, but then reduced to 3 colours by EXP and his ST. Since this is my first demo, it will not break the tradition of having a scrolltext, even though it doesn't say anything interesting. Well, what can I say??? OK, let's talk about this demo. Why are you yawning? I have never seen a bitmapped cube on an ST before, so I thought I'd do one. Then the starfield. Not a very new idea but I don't care because starfields look GREAT!!! MAD VISION are interested in fractals, so this demo also features a realtime "fractal" pattern. It is quite interesting to look at at first but then the novelty wears off. I suppose I should have made the box wobble about or something but I couldn't be bothered and the demo has to be finished in a couple of days. The interesting thing is that the pattern never repeats. OK then, it might repeat after about 59,583,949,000,000,000,000 frames but who's counting??? Not me. Are you? Of course you aren't. Nobody can count that fast or that much. What am I talking about? Help me!!! Now it is time for some greetings. Hi to... | Def Klf | (great piccy) | Gangster | (I'll do your intro after this) | Maxx Out | | Spy III | | 004 | and also to }The Android} }The Wolf} (Thanks for the zillions of demos) }William} (keep learning!) }John C} }Ali D} }Andrew Wright of ST User} (Hi Andrew - wouldn't you say this disk mag is worth at least 90%?) If you want to write me , write to one of our Po box and begin your letter by 'FOR EXP' Do you know that over half the available processor time in this demo is used to do this crap scrolling message? That seems quite a waste. I should have done something more worthwhile in the available time. It must be time to wrap this message now..... Indeed it is.