• Demo

Red Eyes

by Exocet and Kabuto and Remute

Know something about this production that we don't?


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s_t_s - 07:42 12 March 2019 #

The first part isn't my fave even though it is incredibly smooth. The second part featuring a great 3D world rocks hard !

skarab - 18:42 13 March 2019 #

Great video player and awesome polygon filler, but it lacks strongly of a "demo feeling". well done anyway.

Yoik - 11:12 14 March 2019 #

Would've been better if it was a long, full-fledged demo or as an indie game (if it works) instead. The second part featuring 3D world is goddamn impressive :D

skarab - 11:15 14 March 2019 #

can't be an indie game, 3D is precalculated it's just a polygon filler

skarab - 11:36 14 March 2019 #

or maybe some video codec thing, i'm not sure...