Imphobia 1

by Imphobia

Advert for 4 Past Midnight, 911, Al Bundy's Place, Anarchphobia, BBS-A-Holic, Bloom County, Bytemare, C.O.P.S., Candyland, Cassandra Complex, Cloak & Dagger (516), Closed Gates, Comcap, Cool Box, Cormoran, Courier Board, Crack House (317), Crack In Time, Crime Ring, Criminal Dreams, Cross Road II, Crossroads, Danger Zone, Dark Power, Dawn of Eternity, Death Valley, Digital Express, Disc Shoppe, Enterprize Elite, Erodial, Exocet, Fortress of Files, Genesis, Give Me Liberty, HMS Bounty, Hack's BBS, Hard City, Hidden Empire, Hidden Vale, High Intensity, High Voltage (408), High'n Dry, House of Lords (714), House of Rage, House of the Rising Sun, Hydrogen Palace, In Limbo, Inner Circle, Inner City (908), Just4Fun, Kaboom, Kickstart, Lake of Dreams, Little Asylum On The Prairie, Lone Star Ranch, Lost Souls Domain (713), Madhouse, Magic, Major, Master Link, Maximum Security, Mea Culpa, Media Concept, Melmac, Metal Church, Metal Impact, Middle Island, Midnite Oil, Mirage Z, Momentary Lapse, Monkey Island, Morbid Vision, Mother Board 7, My Boomin' System, Orange Juice, Orion's Belt, Out of Reach, PMC, Pirates Cove (513), Plato's Place, Pool of Radiance, Project, Realm Of Madness, Rivendell (201), Road House, Rusty n Edie's, Secret, Serpent's Hold, Silent Running, Silicon Dragon, Skull Island (514), Source World, Spherical Dreams, Spyrit's Crypt, Spyrit's Home, Stealth Bandit, Strange Attraction, Street Spydrs, The Apocalyptic City (404), The Bog, The Dream Zone, The Exorcist, The Festering Pit, The Hellzone, The Inferno, The Jam, The Motherboard I, The Mudd Club, The Outer Line, The P.I.T.S., The Penthouse (305), The Phortress System I, The Red Sector, The Rush, The Sacred Reich, The Sewer, The Slave Den, The Soul Asylum (818), The Terrordome (216), The Underground (408), The Welfare Department, The Wild Place, Theatre of Pain, Tiger's Claw, Total Recall Systems, Turk 51 Zone, Twins, Ultra Force, Wastelands (503), Watch Tower, Westpoint, White Ruffles, Wild Side (312), World of Mirage (718), XTC Systems

  • Released 23 February 1992
  • MS-Dos

Features interviews with Official Version and DECA.


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