Demo CD #049: Intros Disk 3

by Ripped Off

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Pack contents

Blue Adept Feb 1987
The Fallen Angels
The Blade Runners Aug 1988
Delight Dec 1989
The Empire
Equinox and The Empire
Equinox May 1989
Equinox 1989
Flame Of Finland
Flexible Front Oct 1988
HC-Crack Jan 1988
The Menacing Cracking Alliance 1990
The Menacing Cracking Alliance
The Next Generation 1989
The Overlanders Jul 1989
The Overlanders 1989
The Overlanders Apr 1989
The Overlanders 1989
The Overlanders 1989
The Overlanders / The Alliance Jul 1989
The Predators
The Replicants 1989
Level 16 and Replicants / The Union Oct 1988
The Replicants Jan 1989
Mad Vision and ST Amigos and The Big Four and The Replicants Mar 1990
The Replicants
The Replicants / The Union
The Replicants Jan 1990
ST Computer Service Feb 1988
ST Computer Service
SYNC Jul 1988
The Exceptions Dec 1987
The Marvellous V8
The Fallen Angels and The Marvellous V8 / The Empire
Software Foundation Nov 1988

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