Fix me beautiful

GT - 10:24 27 April 2014 #

menace: hi, our group "the artfull hillbillies" exists twice, can you merge the two ?

That would be awesome, cheer!

menace - 15:58 27 April 2014 #

GT: Done. It's always helpful if you provide links, so please do that in the future :)

menace - 16:01 27 April 2014 #

cherri_kandler: Proof considered provided on Tero - documented and in the process of merging. :)

The other guy stays separated for now.

GT - 18:12 27 April 2014 #

menace: yes Sir, thanks a lot man!

cherri_kandler - 19:10 27 April 2014 #

please delete:
dupe of http://demozoo.org/sceners/14323/

cherri_kandler - 19:14 27 April 2014 #

please delete:
dupe of http://demozoo.org/sceners/14322/

menace - 20:06 27 April 2014 #

cherri_kandler: Done and done. :)

cherri_kandler - 22:02 28 April 2014 #

please merge:

menace - 04:54 29 April 2014 #

cherri_kandler: Well spotted, merged :)

tomaes - 15:59 29 April 2014 #

Might be just a temporary issue, but all screenshots look like this: http://imgur.com/VH9lg0J

menace - 08:44 30 April 2014 #

tomaes: AFAICT the last screenshot you made was for http://demozoo.org/graphics/73114/ and that looks fine her. Tried cleaning your browser cache/checking in a different browser?

tomaes - 10:35 30 April 2014 #

menace: Yesterday evening all screenshots went down (incl. all thumbnails and the revision picture on the front page; It was not a browser issue either. The images just couldn't be found on the server), but alas, they returned today. I assumed that you/Gasman moved something around on the server, but apparently you didn't? That makes it even stranger. :)

menace - 10:38 30 April 2014 #

tomaes: I certainly didn't. Send me an email so we can get you on the mailinglist already, and you can ask on there :)

bonefish - 23:35 30 April 2014 #

don't know if this was mentioned before, but....

adding a external link doesn't parse default youtube share links that are in the following format:
(on youtube, click on "share this video" to get this link).

copy paste from address bar works, of course. (links like "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TN_Xen40cBM")

menace - 04:37 1 May 2014 #

bonefish: Not mentioned by any other users afaik, but I've certainly run into it myself. I've made a ticket for it on our GitHub; https://github.com/demozoo/demozoo/issues/121

Thanks for pointing it out :)

Andy - 17:40 9 May 2014 #

Hi, could you please change my description from:
"Andy was a musician and swapper, and responsible for the Amiga pack series Vagina Packtoris."
"Andy is a musician and photo-artist, and was responsible for the Amiga pack series Vagina Packtoris from Nuance."

THANKS A LOT !!! :-)

dipswitch - 18:54 9 May 2014 #

Andy: Why do you want to delete the memory of you being a swapper? This is a database that should reflect history and not just the present.

lamb - 20:02 9 May 2014 #

This tune:

1st place at 3rd PPA (Polish Amiga Forum) Competition

dipswitch - 13:06 10 May 2014 #

lamb: do you have any more info and/or links on that competition? couldnt find anything on the net through a quick search.

lobotomius - 11:55 13 May 2014 #

http://demozoo.org/productions/44395/ uploaded wrong prod screenshots, sorry

tomaes - 14:58 13 May 2014 #

lobotomius: Deleted.

tomaes - 12:24 1 June 2014 #


This one is a procedural graphics entry, not an intro.

CONS - 11:02 8 June 2014 #

I discovered a strange error.

i was editing a release of mine, adding me and TRSi as credits. all worked fine. then i re-edited it and when the window opened i saw it had actually split the added group TRSi into separate Tristar and separate Red Sector.So i had to re-set it to TRSi manually.
I saw this error on a few other TRSi releases yesterday, but thought it might just have been wrongly added, but this split actually happens all the time when you press edit on a TRSi credited production (at least on the ones i tested it on)

menace - 10:31 9 June 2014 #

CONS: Yes, this happens because there is a & in the name, and that triggers the group separator functionality. If you need to make edits, just put trsi in, and it'll work out.

menace - 10:32 9 June 2014 #

tomaes: Fixed.

CONS - 20:25 9 June 2014 #

Menace. I actually did. I enter TRSi and it gives me the option to chose. I save. And when i edit again it has changed it to the T & R version.

Saga_Musix - 17:55 12 June 2014 #

CONS: Yes, because TRSi is the main group name (TRSi is noted as an abbreviation of this name, which is why it is automatically changed to the long version). What menace said is that you just have to put TRSi into the field again.

Saga_Musix - 17:55 12 June 2014 #

Obviously that was supposed to be "...because Tristar & Red Sector is the main group name..." :)

CONS - 19:48 12 June 2014 #

This prod:


is credited to Tristar & Red Sector inc

because that is the group and its correct.

I click edit and i click save and then it looks like it does now. why?

CONS - 19:51 12 June 2014 #

If it is supposed to, well, ok, but its unfortunate, because every time i want to enter or change something specific, it would make me have to change the credits again too. To avoid the routine changing (Tristar & Red Sector Inc.) to (Red Sector Inc.) and (Tristar).

menace - 06:08 13 June 2014 #

It's unfortunately one of those edge cases where it's not perfect for two or three groups (one of which have a lot of releases historically - trsi) but it helps a LOT for thousands of releases to just be able to put the names of three groups in the author box and it automatically separates them. The good points outweigh the bad by a large margin.

Saga_Musix - 15:59 15 June 2014 #

Maybe the parser could be extended to prefer exact group name matches over split groups? So if there is a group called "A & B", and someone inputs that into the group box, it should not be split into "A" and "B".

cxw - 18:55 16 June 2014 #

http://demozoo.org/sceners/931/ - real name is Jaakko Kaitaniemi per https://www.scenemusic.net/demovibes/artist/1005/ . At the moment only his first name is showing. Thanks!

(first-time poster - apologies if there's an edit box for real name and I overlooked it.)

cxw - 00:56 17 June 2014 #

@saga/menace - for total geek value, permit '&' in group names and use '&&' as the separator :)

menace - 08:12 17 June 2014 #

cxw: Welcome to Demozoo, and we hope this is the first of many posts :)

You are not mistaken, there is no button for normal users to edit real names, for several good reasons. First and most importantly; privacy. While some sceners are perfectly fine with having their scene personas tied to their real names, others are not, and we must above all respect that. So we try to be smart about it; if you have your full name on your Pouet profile, or in several other places on the net, prominently linked to your handle, then we expect you are fine with it. If you had your name in the contact pages of a 1991 packdisk, we assume that is NOT you saying you are fine with it being public now.

Therefore only admins can edit real names, and we have functionality to make sure no-one makes something public if the person in question has gotten in touch and let us know that he'd rather remain anonymous.

But having said that, Reed has his full name public on both BitJam and Nectarine, and if he objects to it being shown here, he knows where to find me or a number of other staff to tell us about it - so change approved. :)

Saga_Musix - 11:47 19 June 2014 #

God knows where the Nectarine record is from, though, most likely AMP. And we all know how to handle names from AMP...

cxw: For the most frequent case, doing it the other way around (i.e. "escaping" the ampersand in group names) would make more sense, since there are way more group collabs than groups with ampersands in their name.

RufUsul - 19:41 23 June 2014 #

please merge:

menace - 05:46 25 June 2014 #

RufUsul: Sorry to keep you waiting, sir. I do not, however, see anywhere that these two have publicly stated that they are one and the same? Unless that happens, we have a policy of letting the joke stay a joke, and not outing people that want to keep the two separate. If you can show me some place Puryx has stated that he is, in fact, identical to the other guy, then we'll talk.

RufUsul - 20:17 25 June 2014 #

menace: don't worry, no hurry!

well, i did not find a direct comment from him regarding his aliases...
but its directy stated on Bitjam:

and on Nectarine they even credit Puryx instead of The Danish Musician for Candystall:

but it's your decision how to handle this ;-)

menace - 07:52 26 June 2014 #

Rufusul: I'll take the easy route - I'll ask! I'll get back to you :)

menace - 08:13 26 June 2014 #

Puryx got back to me, and he does not know what any of us are talking about, this must clearly be some crazy misunderstanding, that he is operating under aliases :)

So, that's that settled.

Conrad - 08:52 26 June 2014 #

Hi, there's two entries for C64 scener psych858o...
http://demozoo.org/sceners/29625/ (the one I've been editing)
Please merge.

Conrad - 11:29 26 June 2014 #

Another one, Jeff/Camelot (now known as Soren)...
Merge: http://demozoo.org/sceners/5120/
with: http://demozoo.org/sceners/767/ (more complete)

Conrad - 11:33 26 June 2014 #

Delete: http://demozoo.org/sceners/40007/ Viruz is a group, not a scener.

RufUsul - 19:31 26 June 2014 #

menace: roger that ;-)

Conrad - 07:36 27 June 2014 #

Disregard my post about merging Psycho. It happens that one of them did a mp3 music release in 2001 which has no relation to psych858o in the C64 scene. Fixes have been made.
I've also completed the Jeff profile (sceners/767/), so delete: http://demozoo.org/sceners/5120/

menace - 18:54 27 June 2014 #

Conrad: Thanks a lot for your efforts :) The empty Jeff profile has been nuked, and I see someone else got to the Viruz thing, since that was already gone.

Asle - 13:31 14 July 2014 #

scener 37609 = scener 37612

Asle - 13:58 14 July 2014 #


Saga_Musix - 15:57 14 July 2014 #

Okay, deleted Axiome and set it as an alternative name for Axioma. Do you know if that was just a typo (possibly in the results file) or is it an actual variation of the group name?

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