Fix me beautiful

menace - 10:49 17 January 2015 #

sensenstahl: "normal" users can not edit the trivia/notes fields for now, but just let us know here (or any other way - irc, email whatever) and we'll be sure to add your information. We do plan to make that process a bit easier in the future, but development manpower is scarce.

sensenstahl - 11:01 17 January 2015 #

menace: Ah thank you for the information :)

It is about this prod: http://demozoo.org/productions/38650/

According to the .diz file this release is called "orange - the lameness - part 1". It is the same results vs release name scenario like in my last post. So it would be nice if someone could change the name of the prod and add a note like "Simply called 'Narancs' in the official results file."

Thank you!

menace - 05:40 18 January 2015 #

sensenstahl: Done :)

havoc - 15:01 19 January 2015 #

please remove real name from my account

havoc - 15:01 19 January 2015 #

please remove real name from my account

havoc - 15:05 19 January 2015 #

2nd issue: falcon users netherlands (FUN) and fun industries are not the same group but apparently it's impossible to remove the AKA without fucking up prod assignments :(

havoc - 03:18 20 January 2015 #

thanks for removing my real name from the profile page.

more on 2nd issue, i fixed all prod assignments for fun/fun industries executable releases. but the group still needs to be split, plz advise

3rd, i updated preferred name for the giants (atari) but individual prod credits keep the old name

4th, the info blurb on my profile page only mentions i was involved sunrise. that's true but also one of the last things i'd mention. i've written a short bio to replace the current blurb, thanks in advance for updating:

"Hi, my name is Havoc. Please don't read bios but watch demos instead."

menace - 20:53 20 January 2015 #

Hi Havoc!

I see someone already took care of the name issue - so on to the other ones!

I'll leave the FUN-groups for our resident Atari guy Lotek to work out - knowing him I'm sure he's on that already :)

As for Giants, yes, that's expected behaviour. If a group or scener has several alternate names, then the one it was created with is the one it's listed with. Changing the preferred one does not change that. If they used an alternate name for that specific prod, then please change that specific prod. See, all pretty logical once you think about it :)

As for your bio, dude - now you're just being silly. If you do not want a bio, that's fine (hi Gloom!), but please understand that we're work-in-progress just as much as any other site, and a "it's not complete, boo-hoo, DELETE ALL THE THINGS" attitude is hardly constructive. Please let me know how you want it, and we'll get that bio up to snuff soon enough, sir :)

See you at Revision, I guess!

havoc - 23:25 20 January 2015 #

Hey Menace,

I'll wait and see what happens with the FUN prods for a bit then.

Concerning The Giants, OK so the group was created with the wrong name. Strange that this can't be fixed somehow, but I managed to switch over all prods to the (only) official name.

Concerning the bio, it's a work in progress you say- fair enough. Then my request would be not to publish that particular piece of work until it has been finished.

Greets, Havoc

menace - 07:07 21 January 2015 #

Hi again!

Concerning Giants, well, it's like that by design as mentioned, so that we can accurately reflect the naming of the group at a given time. Afterall, we would not want to credit all Kewlers productions to Mewlers, just because that was the original name of the group. So, the correct way to fix this is to edit the productions on an individual basis.

As for the bio - no problem, I can remove the text for now. Would you care to help fleshing out the bio about the parties you were involved with? We'd like nothing more than to present the complete picture.

havoc - 15:51 29 January 2015 #

Hey Menace,

I don't mind putting in a few spare minutes to fix mistakes but how will that bio be kept up to date? If I'd have to do it myself I'm not so sure if I want a bio at all, to be honest.

tomaes - 16:30 29 January 2015 #

Not menace, but if I may: To me that's just info space that is available for general things of note related to an individual (and not a group). And to be honest, most don't need one. Let alone full "bios".

havoc - 07:04 31 January 2015 #

So there's not even consensus among Demozoo admins what info should go into that field.
Then my question about how it would be kept up to date becomes rather superfluous, I guess.

My only remaining question at this point- how about the group split FUN/Fun Industries?
Nothing seems to have changed since my initial request, so by now I'm wondering why.

dipswitch - 12:32 1 February 2015 #

Havoc, if you tell me which of the releases are from FUN and which are from Fun Industries, I can fix it for you. Feel free to msg me on FB about it, too, if that's easier.

dipswitch - 14:26 1 February 2015 #

Ok, I had a very long chat with Havoc who convinced me that two separate group entries for Falcon Users Netherlands and FUN Industries are necessary: mainly because the latter was de facto a demo-oriented split-off from the former, and the more gamedev-oriented members didn't go along with that rebranding and went on to release games under the old name a few years later. So, here are two entries now, with proper explanatory notes:

Falcon Users Netherlands: http://demozoo.org/groups/56505/

FUN Industries: http://demozoo.org/groups/2187/

judgebrad - 19:53 3 February 2015 #

please delete the music entry called http://demozoo.org/music/132165/
my mistake...


dipswitch - 22:09 3 February 2015 #

judge brad: what's the problem with it?

judgebrad - 22:32 3 February 2015 #

i added two records there, one is called http://demozoo.org/music/132165/ but it is already there under the name as Ballade For A Ping timeout. So the http://demozoo.org/music/132165/ ready for deletion. The record named as Ballade For A Ping Timeout can stay.



menace - 10:29 4 February 2015 #

judgebrad: I see that there is only one entry still present; the one that was entered in the Payback music competition, so I guess someone got to it :)

AdamK - 21:45 8 February 2015 #

I made changes on http://demozoo.org/parties/2245/. There are visible in page history, but not on the page.

dipswitch - 18:06 9 February 2015 #

you mean the location of the party? it is visible for me, probably you have to refresh your browser cache!

ltk_tscc - 18:33 9 February 2015 #

Dipswitch: the problem is... there are TWO cities with the same name and it seems that the system always picks the wrong one.

sensenstahl - 18:46 9 February 2015 #

Hello there!

I just don't want to fiddle around here so maybe someone can give me an answer :)

Over there at pouet for some reason clicking on the download button brings no file but a message like here: http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=9007 The files actually are there and I was wondering if those links are "legal" at demozoo because they affect some prods that are now tagged as "lost".

Thanks in advance!

tomaes - 19:56 9 February 2015 #

sensenstahl: That's some strange beef between some people. They block pouet referrers for some childish reason. If those URLs work from dz (and anywhere else on the intertubes), you can add them as far as I'm concerned. I guess the ref block will be lifted eventually.

menace - 11:28 10 February 2015 #

ltk_tscc: See if it doesn't help to specify more - you can add more detail to a city/place to make it select the correct one. We had this problem with the location of Kindergarden, which is a place called Haga. If I specify "Haga, Nes" (Haga being the palce, and Nes the area) then it picks the correct one.

sensenstahl: Uncovering lost files is super-amazing :) If you want, we can also mirror them at scene.org for preservation. Just let me and/or dipswitch know.

AdamK - 14:11 10 February 2015 #

I also corrected party place in http://demozoo.org/parties/1910/ , and there, my change is visible.

sensenstahl - 15:01 10 February 2015 #

menace: No problem :) I'm focusing on intros (at the moment up to 4k). I'm trying to make a list of "real" lost ones. Damn this stuff takes so much time. But watching intros is (mostly) so much fun :D

sensenstahl - 09:59 14 February 2015 #

http://demozoo.org/productions/37545/ this prod is actually called "kockazat" (see .nfo) but is is called (or misspelled) "kozkazat" in the results. Thank you for changing the name and putting a little fancy note to the prods page :)

sensenstahl - 10:12 14 February 2015 #

http://demozoo.org/productions/20159/ please add a note that this prod is called "menschenkind" in the results.

damn sometimes this is so confusing.

menace - 09:49 15 February 2015 #

sensenstahl: Both bits of info added - thanks :)

sensenstahl - 09:59 15 February 2015 #


This prod is called "4ksereje" in the .nfo and "Serejé" in the results. So I guess the same procedure like last time. Thank y ... skøl! :D

menace - 05:51 16 February 2015 #

sensenstahl: Info added :) And it's actually "skål", if you were trying to send a toast :)

sensenstahl - 05:45 20 February 2015 #


This intro is called "LOTUPTAK" (end screen of the intro says it) but it is called "uncle$" at the results of the party. skål ^^

menace - 07:00 21 February 2015 #

sensenstahl: Fixx0red. Actually, you should be able to change the name of the production yourself, if you want to make minor adjustments.

sensenstahl - 07:26 21 February 2015 #

menace: well it was about also including that note about the name at the results so I thought if someone has to edit why not editing also the prod name :) I just did not want to fiddle around before things are clear.

menace - 12:22 21 February 2015 #

sensenstahl: Fair enough, just wanted to make sure what you can change and what you can't, for now. Thanks for your continued efforts to help correct and investigate information, man. It's much appreciated!

100bit - 20:40 21 February 2015 #

http://demozoo.org/productions/133117/ delete please, I accidentally downloaded it without looking at the early existence of the page to demozoo

ltk_tscc - 21:26 21 February 2015 #

100bit: dupe killed :)

Asle - 19:01 22 February 2015 #

it seems all SS1 (http://demozoo.org/parties/930/) multichannel musics should be linked to SS2 (http://demozoo.org/parties/1844/) party instead. Might be true for other compo stuff. Didn't check. Even the result.txt file, that is linked, says that :)

menace - 13:42 23 February 2015 #

Asle: By golly, it seems you are right! I'm on it, expect it all to be correct within a small while. Thanks a lot for noticing :)

menace - 19:20 23 February 2015 #

Asle: Should be all fixed now.

sensenstahl - 17:52 24 February 2015 #

Please add the note that this prod http://demozoo.org/productions/18531/ is called "mavs voyage" in the results. I already changed the title to the correct "mars voyage" :)

manace: No problem. Until I find motivation to code a new intro myself it is always nice to watch other intros - along with adding at pouet and editing here at demozoo. So it is a win-win situation ^____^

tomaes - 21:27 24 February 2015 #

Added. :)

0x4015 - 13:47 25 February 2015 #

The real name of "0x4015" is not correct.
Please remove it.

tomaes - 18:24 25 February 2015 #

Ok. (it was i-saint's name, I reckon)

sensenstahl - 08:11 27 February 2015 #

"sensenstahl: Uncovering lost files is super-amazing :) If you want, we can also mirror them at scene.org for preservation. Just let me and/or dipswitch know."

Most files are taken from pirx' mighty hardcode.zip and some might also be at scene.org (the name problem ... but is seems to be all chaotic the closer you look ^^) Just let me know if you prefer a .zip with the whole directory for easy handling or not :)


sensenstahl - 20:59 28 February 2015 #

http://demozoo.org/productions/32318/ this prod was made by this group http://demozoo.org/groups/16586/

menace - 07:05 1 March 2015 #

sensenstahl: Fixed, though this is something normal users can edit as well :)

sensenstahl - 19:28 3 March 2015 #

The results for this party http://demozoo.org/parties/805/ are not the final ones. I edited the places and points and added a missing prod. since I can't replace the results-file here it is:


(it's in the 256bytes.zip at the party directory at scene.org just in case you wonder)


pulkomandy - 19:44 9 March 2015 #

Please delete http://demozoo.org/groups/21751/
Lost in translation: "Aucun" means "None" in French. I don't think there is any link between the 3 prods listed there?

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