Fix me beautiful

Andy - 13:07 11 October 2014 #

Andy / Nuance: Please change my description to:
"Andy is a musician & photo-artist. Formerly he also was swapper, and responsible for the Amiga pack series Vagina Packtoris."

And remove the: "Advert in the "Contacts Wanted" (contax.nfo) swapping list."

Thanks Dude!!! :-)

sensenstahl - 09:58 12 October 2014 #

Please delete http://demozoo.org/productions/123627 it is a dupe. someone added it too but with the party informations :) gonna add the missing stuff there myself. Thanks :)

vedder - 12:22 12 October 2014 #

Please remove the bigger screenshot on http://demozoo.org/productions/124085/


gasman - 17:55 13 October 2014 #

bitflippr, Andy, sensenstahl: Fixed.
vedder: Also fixed (by ltk_tscc)

dipswitch - 19:08 13 October 2014 #

Andy, with all respect, but why do you want the reference to the contax.nfo swapping list to be removed? Is it about your private data, or any other reasons?

TheCollector - 14:27 14 October 2014 #

Please change the release date of http://demozoo.org/productions/68152/ to January 7th 1989 (as taken from ST News).

ltk_tscc - 16:01 14 October 2014 #

TheCollector: fixed, but you should be able to changed dates yourself too :)

AMcBain - 09:12 25 October 2014 #

I can't edit the description info despite being described as an editable item in the markup on the page http://demozoo.org/parties/1804/ but I noticed that the group links for Darklite and Paranoids are pointing to the dev site, which 503s. It should instead be pointing to the non-dev live site.

Actually ... the user links (T-101, H7, etc.) are broken the same way too as well as on the 2013 ( http://demozoo.org/parties/1425/ ) page too.

ltk_tscc - 09:35 25 October 2014 #

I experienced that problem with the old "dev" links too... maybe Gasman can fix this with some wizardry without doing that manually for all of those.

gasman - 10:48 25 October 2014 #

Oops... those dev.demozoo.org links should have been redirecting, but I guess I would have broken that in server maintenance on Thursday night. Redirect is restored now... I'll get round to doing a search-and-replace on those URLs at some point :-)

ltk_tscc - 10:57 25 October 2014 #

Gasman: Ossom fast fix! \o/

RufUsul - 22:21 28 October 2014 #

Please delete my accidental dupe


RufUsul - 22:54 28 October 2014 #

Please delete "orphan scener"
(looks like someone screwed up Nobody and Noname ;-)


menace - 09:35 29 October 2014 #

RufUsul: Your dupe deleted. I checked all the Wild Light nfo's and you are quite right - no reference to Noname, only to Nobody, so nuked Noname too.

RufUsul - 21:34 5 November 2014 #

Please add real name for http://demozoo.org/sceners/873/
"Elef Tsiroudis"


menace - 20:24 6 November 2014 #

RufUsul: Seems his name is public several places, so revealed here too :)

RufUsul - 20:14 13 November 2014 #

Please delete "orphan scener"

But i failed in assigning this
to the "alias" Paul Grenfell of evilpaul


tomaes - 10:43 14 November 2014 #

RufUsul: Fixed. You need to add a new/alternative nick first, before you can assign it. :)

Asle - 22:10 16 November 2014 #

SLK = Sunlikamelo-d
http://demozoo.org/groups/54708/ = http://demozoo.org/groups/32220/

menace - 18:13 17 November 2014 #

Asle: Thanks for spotting that - fixed :)

tk90xfan - 02:11 17 December 2014 #

Please delete http://demozoo.org/productions/128902/. I duped it when I was editing compos of http://demozoo.org/parties/2365/.

tomaes - 11:53 17 December 2014 #

tk90xfan: Deleted.

tk90xfan - 01:37 20 December 2014 #

Please delete the first screenshot (http://media.demozoo.org/screens/o/f2/0c/acb5.75705.png) of the demo http://demozoo.org/productions/129247/. I uploaded the incorret one and after that, I put the correct picture.

menace - 08:24 20 December 2014 #

tk90fan: Done. And thanks for your continued efforts :)

jok - 12:13 20 December 2014 #

question - it's possible to mark memeber as deceased?

ltk_tscc - 12:24 20 December 2014 #

jok: not yet but thats on the to-do-list... but we can add a note. Who is it?

jok - 12:26 20 December 2014 #

and one more - how to add member (Snip'Dreamweb - not on list, but there are prods for example on csdb)

ltk_tscc - 13:04 20 December 2014 #

jok: i added him... but right beside the "members-header" should be an "Edit" button... there you can add sceners yourself.

spiny - 19:48 22 December 2014 #

I'm trying to modify this tune:


to show Manic / Torment as a co-author, but the form claims that Manic is not in the database, when he is:


any ideas on what I'm doing wrong ? (i've edited his page to show him as a contributor already)

ltk_tscc - 20:14 22 December 2014 #

Spiny: No clue what you did wrong :) I just entered "spiny + manic / torment" ... and it works :)

spiny - 21:53 22 December 2014 #

how odd ! cheers for the help though :)

jok - 21:24 23 December 2014 #

Budgie - car accident many years ago

and thanks for adding Snip :)

ltk_tscc - 08:19 24 December 2014 #

Jok: I added this... do you have more exact informations. Year/date... etc.

Baudsurfer - 01:15 27 December 2014 #


Can you please correct the hereunder discrepancies from http://demozoo.org/sceners/18068/?editing=groups :

1) Released http://demozoo.org/productions/75293/ .nfo credits Baudsurfer/rsi not Baudsurfer
2) Released http://demozoo.org/productions/99596/ .nfo credits Baudsurfer/rsi not Baudsurfer
3) Released http://demozoo.org/productions/112671/ .nfo credits Baudsurfer/rsi
not Baudsurfer
4) http://demozoo.org/parties/1842/#competition_10462 credits for http://demozoo.org/productions/112671/ is not official demoparty results http://outlinedemoparty.nl/ : Baudsurfer/rsi
5) Released http://demozoo.org/productions/112674/ .nfo credits Baudsurfer/rsi not Baudsurfer
6) http://demozoo.org/parties/1842/#competition_10462 credits for http://demozoo.org/productions/112674/ is not official demoparty results http://outlinedemoparty.nl/ : Baudsurfer/rsi
8) Released http://demozoo.org/productions/25076/ .nfo does not credit Baudsurfer - please remove
9) Released http://demozoo.org/productions/26025/ .nfo does not credit Baudsurfer - please remove

Thank you very much in advance.

Baudsurfer - 02:02 27 December 2014 #

Realized one could do that himself. Thank you anyway (registered today)

tomaes - 10:49 27 December 2014 #

Baudsurfer: The more important issue is your white-washing of history. You deleted your former nick KOZMIK and try to disassociate yourself from your NEXTEMPIRE past. Which is understandable, I guess, but runs contrary to the purpose of this website, to be an archive of scene activity and history.

dipswitch - 21:53 27 December 2014 #

what tomaes said. we won't tolerate such blatant whitewashing, you can forget about us letting this happen.

Voy - 06:39 28 December 2014 #

Please remove http://demozoo.org/productions/130034/ - I missed this demo here: http://demozoo.org/productions/62600/

Please add also my real name (Wojciech Pasiecznik) here: http://demozoo.org/sceners/45901/

Thank you :)

ltk_tscc - 09:12 28 December 2014 #

Voy: removed the dupe and renamed the other entry and added your real name :)

ltk_tscc - 09:15 28 December 2014 #

Voy: Some short info... every atari 8bit entry that is on pouet and/or was released at parties should be already in the database. The problem is different naming so please check carefully :) I can give you my excel sheet with all entries if that helps?

Voy - 15:12 28 December 2014 #

Ok. :) Send it via Atari Age PM. :) http://atariage.com/forums/user/781-voy/

ltk_tscc - 15:39 28 December 2014 #

Voy: Check your PM.

AMcBain - 04:31 1 January 2015 #

I'm not sure exactly how to fix this, but there seems to be a mismatch for http://demozoo.org/music/55635/ (Sandmonster). The files downloaded are MOD files that do have the name Sandmonster. However mch/michu's Soundcloud shows a song Sandmonster, https://soundcloud.com/mch64/sandmonster , that has a link to a SID file and lists itself as winning 1st place in the Silesia 7 sample compo, like the Demozoo entry also states, using Polly Tracker which is for C64.

Since the rest of the entries are for the C64 in the compo linked for Silesia, I think there actually needs to be two entries here. The original one (that currently exists for the MOD file at SV2012, 4th place) and another one that is for the SID file (Silesia 2013, 1st place).

The SID does seem to use at least one sample the MOD does and they're both drum-and-bassish so it's quite possible the SID is a remix of the MOD, hence the same name, and someone accidentally assumed they were the same when adding the newer 2013 (SID) compo entry.

AMcBain - 04:40 1 January 2015 #

Nevermind! I realized that I could in fact not be an idiot and use the site itself to make the fix. I apologize if somehow that makes more work for you in the end. http://demozoo.org/music/130262/ is the new entry and it has been updated in the compo list appropriately to have the same score and placement as the old mapped entry had.

menace - 12:01 2 January 2015 #

AMcBain: Thanks for diving into this, and doing some interesting research! Indeed it seems to me like mch did a mod of this tune first for Silly Venture 2012 (http://demozoo.org/music/55635/) and then did a c64 edition of the same tune for Silesia 7 (http://demozoo.org/music/130262/) - and you solved the problem perfectly :)

If you have an idea for some text to add to the trivia field (for example by asking mch himself - I myself don't have any contact with him), then let me know and I'll put it in!

wasp - 22:24 2 January 2015 #

Please remove http://demozoo.org/sceners/44285/ as it's not a scener.

menace - 07:37 3 January 2015 #

wasp: Indeed, thanks for spotting the dupe! Nuked from orbit.

sensenstahl - 08:05 17 January 2015 #

Is it possible for a user to add a note like it has been done here? Can't find any button or something. Please enlighten me :D


Baudsurfer - 08:49 17 January 2015 #

To Tomaes and Dispswitch,

You speak of whitewashing wrongly.
demoscene.org will be the real wikipedia of demoscene, but for now, demozoo is a production orientated website and productions are governed by their .nfo exclusively in the demoscene. You wanted to link two different nicks from two different groups as their respective .nfo authors released them without any recognition or consent on their behalf. Demozoo probably does not dwelve into you palm reading or how can it claim to be objective ? You probably have better ways to waste your precious time than to blatantly and systematically place your nationalist trolling in place of historical truth. I know I do celebrating my group's 30th anniversary year. Please carry on to more positive vibes participating in this website, maybe even do a demo actively for a change.


Baudsurfer - 09:14 17 January 2015 #

Also... Please stop short from positioning yourself as some guardian of the demoscene with postures such as "we won't tolerate" etc. Nobody gave you that badge and my view of things, my account as experienced, is at the *very least* worth yours. You are not above anybody and certainly in no legitimate position scene-wise to bring some LOTR "You Shall Not Pass" moral fagotery to my activity when I participated building what you thrive on nowadays cluelessly. In short: if I'm not doing it, nobody ought to be doing it, and certainly not you.

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