Fix me beautiful

ltk_tscc - 16:27 10 March 2015 #

pulkomandy: deleted.

Baudsurfer - 06:05 24 March 2015 #

Please delete wrong 1st screenshot http://demozoo.org/productions/135378/ (2nd screenshot is correct). Thank you.

menace - 20:23 24 March 2015 #

Baudsurfer: Fixed.

Baudsurfer - 18:38 25 March 2015 #

Thank you Menace !

toms - 14:41 31 March 2015 #

Please merge ReSeT 2015 (#20) (http://demozoo.org/parties/2521/) with the other ReSeT parties (http://demozoo.org/parties/series/401/)

Thank you!

menace - 19:03 31 March 2015 #

toms: All fixed - it's in with the others in the series now.

This is perhaps the sort-of thing we need to better signpost - but for now make sure to note that if you create a new entry from the series screen, you avoid the problem :)

ltk_tscc - 10:50 5 April 2015 #

I think we should modify this a little bit... oldschool platforms should have native sized screenshots:

"When we click on the Add screenshot button, the Guideline says : "Create screenshots at the highest resolution available - we don't impose size limits". Maybe it can be a bit confusing, as people will upload a high resolution instead of a native resolution. Maybe you should add more information."

SoLO - 11:50 5 April 2015 #

ANother demo with wrong sized screenshots : http://demozoo.org/productions/122582/

ltk_tscc - 11:53 5 April 2015 #

SoLO: removed them. Now you can re-add :)

pulkomandy - 12:27 6 April 2015 #

It may be a good idea to merge or link together these two party series: http://demozoo.org/parties/series/545/ and http://demozoo.org/parties/series/401/

Same partyplace (well, another room in the same building), same organizer, only the name changed.

menace - 14:50 8 April 2015 #

Thanks for the info! Since the two series have such very different names though, it would just look super messy in the overview, so I opted for some explanatory text of the two editions instead. Hope you agree that's a good solution - check the two series pages now to see what it looks like.

pulkomandy - 19:47 8 April 2015 #

Yes, this looks fine. Thanks!

jok - 18:11 9 April 2015 #

http://demozoo.org/sceners/51045/ http://demozoo.org/sceners/57123/ - doubled entry - he is the same person

ltk_tscc - 20:48 9 April 2015 #

Jok: dupe removed.

Asle - 01:32 10 April 2015 #

Please fix Lotek and his bad flu ! We need him :)

SunSpire - 16:11 19 April 2015 #

The demo "4Koders" by the group Titan is falsely linked to a former french Anarchy group member named "Titan":


He was not involved in 4Koders and the prod should be linked to "Titan (pc / console) instead :)

SunSpire - 16:16 19 April 2015 #

oh duh, I just realized I can "fix me beautiful" this myself :D


menace - 08:36 20 April 2015 #

SunSpire: Glad to see it worked out, and thanks for fixing the error :)

sensenstahl - 21:36 23 April 2015 #

Nothing to fix. Just wanted to say hello and wish you - whoever reads this - a great evening :D

menace - 22:46 23 April 2015 #

sensenstahl: Much appreciated - and a good evening to yourself too :)

sensenstahl - 18:56 25 April 2015 #

Please add a note that this prod http://demozoo.org/productions/19447/

is called "Includes Remote PAQ" in the results. Thank you :)

sensenstahl - 18:59 25 April 2015 #

don't! sorry, that was some mistake by me :\

Asle - 13:17 28 April 2015 #

some problems with Radar/RCP :)

RCP means Radar^Contrast^Productions

ltk_tscc - 13:41 28 April 2015 #

Fixored :)

sensenstahl - 18:31 30 April 2015 #

How is it possible to add a results.txt? Or is that something only demozoOperat0rz can do? Can't find a way :)

menace - 19:29 30 April 2015 #

sensenstahl: Like, so that there's a link to the results.txt on the top of a party page, like here: http://demozoo.org/parties/2444/ ?

If there is a scene.org directory linked, with a results.txt in the root of that directory, it automatically appears. So, to make it appear - upload the results.txt to scene.org :)

sensenstahl - 10:26 2 May 2015 #

So no other way to make a single upload (e.g. if there is nothing at scene.org only on party sites at untergrund.net)

And another problem/suggestion/question/thingie to make life (maybe) a bit easier for all trying to make demozoo more complete:

You open a page of a party with all its results or a list with prods that are tagged with whatever. Might it be possible to get some visual hint which of the prods are missing a download link? Like "noDL" or something else in the area where type/platform is shown so you don't have to check all prods one by one (if you are crazy enough to do so like myself from time to time). Or is there another way already existing? Just an idea since something like that would save a lot of time.

sensenstahl - 10:27 2 May 2015 #

demozooers: have a nice weekend :)

menace - 14:13 2 May 2015 #

sensenstahl: Let me adress everything in a timely manner;

1) No, there is no OTHER way (not even for admins), but why would you not want to upload a missing results.txt to scene.org? :)

2) Excellent idea - I've taken the liberty of formulating it into a ticket on our GitHub, and submitting it here: https://github.com/demozoo/demozoo/issues/162

3) Hope you're having an excellent weekend as well :)

sensenstahl - 15:43 2 May 2015 #


1) I uploaded 3 complete parties including results.txt to scene.org. let's hope it will work out so soon I can add them to the zoo :)

2) Nice. Being able to identify missing download links with a glimpse or even being able to search for such prods like for tagged as lost ones might give us all more time we can spend on making intros/demos \:D/

3) I do :)

menace - 08:56 3 May 2015 #

sensenstahl: Gah. So very very sorry, but I went about things the wrong way, clearly. As you may be aware, I am a scene.org admin, so when I spotted the uploaded entries this morning, I processed and moved them to the live part of scene.org, then proceeded to add them all to demozoo, made a news post (where I said nice things about you, not knowing that it was in fact, you) - and THEN i read the Demozoo forum, spotting this piece of information. :/

Tell you what, you send me an email to glennlunder74 plink gmail plonk com (I'm sure you can decipher that) next time you want to add something, and I'll make sure to leave it for you. Again, super sorry. :/ If you want, I can give you access to my still-to-be-processed archive of results and reports. It's not as if we'll run out of stuff to do anytime soon. :)

The results.txt link appears after the scene.org link has been processed, which happens sometime during the night, usually - so, tomorrow.

sensenstahl - 09:42 3 May 2015 #

menace: haha, well now I'm kinda confused tbh :D No problem at all when you add it since it is less work for me. So all went well with the files that's good! Sorry for the wrong directories but writing only made it possible ^^ No I was not aware that you are an admin of scene.org but now I know :)

RESETkani2o15 files are coming as soon as I got hands on them.

menace - 10:04 3 May 2015 #

sensenstahl: Great! Looking forward to seeing the results :)

Noby - 23:09 7 May 2015 #


http://demozoo.org/productions/15736/ = http://demozoo.org/productions/76411/

http://demozoo.org/productions/102090/ = http://demozoo.org/productions/130160/

Please delete this (is my error): http://demozoo.org/sceners/58388/

menace - 04:58 8 May 2015 #

Good morning Noby!

Thanks for bringing these to our attention!

In the case of TDM Face Morph, I kept 15736 and deleted 76411.

In the case of the Doxycon music compo player, I kept 102090 over 130160, and moved over the tags and stuff. Feel free to add the soundtrack details to the entry as well :)

58388 was deleted.

preej - 19:03 11 May 2015 #

Please merge these:




Its the same person.

ltk_tscc - 19:45 11 May 2015 #

Preej: merged.

Defiance - 18:34 15 May 2015 #

Crest's real name was Michael Menz (http://demozoo.org/sceners/36009/). Could you please add it?

ltk_tscc - 19:13 15 May 2015 #

Defiance: added. Thanks.

sensenstahl - 08:41 17 May 2015 #

please delete http://demozoo.org/productions/137980 it is a dupe of this http://demozoo.org/productions/137996/ it was added earlier but since the dupe already is at the right compo ... :)

tomaes - 10:28 17 May 2015 #


sensenstahl - 10:40 17 May 2015 #

Merci :)

Lunaaa - 02:51 18 May 2015 #

Delete my link for Solitude was a bit too fast there :(

jok - 20:58 25 May 2015 #

heh, just added results from Decrunch (this week) with links, screenshoots etc. - http://demozoo.org/parties/2515/

menace - 20:17 28 May 2015 #

Thanks a bunch for the effort, Jok - much appreciated! :)

sensenstahl - 16:38 7 June 2015 #

Could someone please add the note:

Simply called "Remote Photo" at compo. Also original shot was shown NOT the one that was supposed to be released ^^

To the prod:


The "^^" is optional and up to you friedly helper :D

Thank you in advance!

menace - 18:00 7 June 2015 #

sensenstahl: Added :)

preej - 20:26 8 June 2015 #

Please merge these:




It's the same person

Saga_Musix - 20:33 8 June 2015 #


Saga_Musix - 17:06 16 June 2015 #

http://demozoo.org/groups/10362/ and http://demozoo.org/groups/19512/ - these two might be the same group, or at least related. Does anyone know more about this? They do appear to have separate scene.org dirs but this might also just be by mistake, of course.

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