Fix me beautiful

menace - 07:08 18 June 2015 #

Saga_Musix: Well spotted! My investigations lead me to believe you are quite right. All entries in the alternative directory on scene.org identify as Brainlez (with a z) as well in enclosed files, so I'll merge both the scene.org diretcories and the demozoo entries.

menace - 07:10 18 June 2015 #

On further inspection, one of those scene.org directories was for bbs resources, not a group directory - so I've just renamed that :)

AMcBain - 09:50 22 June 2015 #

So Nectarine lists Syntax Errol as an alias for raina and the credit on Pouet for BonĀ² says raina even though the nfo says Syntax Errol. Conclusion, raina is Syntax Errol.

I was able to edit http://demozoo.org/sceners/10296/ to note the alias, but that didn't do what I thought it would (link the pages). The artist http://demozoo.org/sceners/38220/ probably needs to be merged in to raina with the three releases under Syntax Errol still listed as having been released under that name.


menace - 11:06 22 June 2015 #

AMcBain: That reasoning seems solid. In order to merge the entries for the two, you need to manually change the author for each prod. I've done that now, and deleted the duplicate entry.

Thanks for contributing :)

Saga_Musix - 17:07 22 June 2015 #

AMcBain: Unlike Nectarine's alias system, Demozoo's actually works. ;)

arabek - 10:52 24 June 2015 #

@Saga_Musix - ours doesn't? Never had any feedback about it being broke - care to help us improve on that?

Saga_Musix - 21:56 24 June 2015 #

arabek: I thought that has been well-known since forever?
The whole issue with modules being listed under one alias but not the other, so people don't find it where they expect it to, the general confusion under which alias to upload the module (and maybe even uploading them twice because of the previous issue), aliases only belonging to one person (which sucks if the alias feature is being used to denote that a music group consists of several sceners), etc... All of these issues have been pointed out several times (just like other things like the whole platform thing being broken) but apparently noone is interested in fixing it.

Shinobi - 10:55 7 July 2015 #

http://demozoo.org/music/140831/ is by me.

Me is http://demozoo.org/music/118018/ :)

menace - 11:26 7 July 2015 #

Shinobi: Fixed - though, you actually CAN change the author yourself as a normal user :)

Shinobi - 11:51 7 July 2015 #

menace: ahh, good to know, thanks :)

CONS - 18:44 9 July 2015 #

http://demozoo.org/graphics/139897/ aka moqui titan
http://demozoo.org/graphics/139937/ aka moqui titan

Saga_Musix - 20:55 12 July 2015 #

CONS: I see moqui already fixed it himself, but adding new aliases and reassigning entries to other sceners is something you can do yourself - you just need to ask us to delete the empty dupe profile afterwards.

Asle - 22:42 14 July 2015 #

the latter has the correct title

Asle - 22:44 14 July 2015 #


Asle - 22:49 14 July 2015 #

first one has the correct title (albeit the upper case letters ..)

ltk_tscc - 10:02 15 July 2015 #

Asle: I did some tweaking :)

Asle - 20:41 15 July 2015 #

title should be "fluctuation (nhp)"

ltk_tscc - 21:46 15 July 2015 #

Asle: fixed it :) last time you couldn't ID the tune :P

Asle - 21:48 15 July 2015 #

I know, but I just had a flash of memory ! :)

ltk_tscc - 21:49 15 July 2015 #


Scali - 19:08 27 July 2015 #

On http://demozoo.org/productions/136167/
I'd like the following two blogs to be added to the list:

Saga_Musix - 19:10 27 July 2015 #


kowalski - 12:16 30 July 2015 #

Hi! Could you please remove http://demozoo.org/sceners/59922/ ? It's an alias of http://demozoo.org/sceners/9039/ . Thanks!

ltk_tscc - 12:51 30 July 2015 #

Kowalski: Done.

Baudsurfer - 21:05 3 August 2015 #

Hello dear Demozoo administrator,

I noticed dipswitch edited http://demozoo.org/groups/4737/?editing=members notes on 2015-07-27.
There are many parts I disagree with (notably one-sided version of a national demo section only)
but I just wanted to ask you to please modify last sentence from "In 2003, Baudsurfer revived the
group" to "In 2008, Baudsurfer revived the group". Also could it be added in the timeline that
"In 1993 the German demosection of TRSI claimed to dissolve unilaterally RSI group" please ?
(NB : this explains why there are no RSI releases whatsoever between 1993 and 2008).

Thank you in advance and good luck with the website :)


dipswitch - 14:39 4 August 2015 #

First suggestion: Fair enough. Edited. In fact, it was meant to say "2013", since I could not find any releases from rebuilt RSI before that date.

sensenstahl - 06:20 7 August 2015 #

This prod http://demozoo.org/productions/32221/ is called "mental block", results say "mblock" so please add a neat note to the prod :)

PS: This and some other missing 4ks are coming in the next few days to the income folder @ scene.org :D

sensenstahl - 06:52 8 August 2015 #

I guess this http://demozoo.org/productions/60889/ is a dupe of that http://demozoo.org/productions/60890/ At least title + release date match.

sensenstahl - 15:51 8 August 2015 #

this http://demozoo.org/productions/97158/ is a dupe of that http://demozoo.org/productions/97154/ (looking at the full edits of the 1st prod shows it)

Saga_Musix - 23:49 8 August 2015 #

Mental block: Fixed
Dupe 1: Deleted, this was an accidental entry made while entering results.
Dupe 2: Deleted.

Baudsurfer - 07:41 10 August 2015 #

>dipswitch - 14:39 4 August 2015 #
>First suggestion: Fair enough. Edited. In fact, it was meant to say "2013", since I could not find any releases from rebuilt RSI before that date.

Ok I thought you had misread our own Wiki on our page recalling how Tristar parted TRSI merger in 2003.
About the dates and or releases : some activities such as BBS Sysops are not taken into account (contrary to say 'texters"), yet
they were the core of groups at one point, much like nowadays coders remain the core of demogroups.

>>Baudsurfer - 21:05 3 August 2015 #
>>Hello dear Demozoo administrator,
>>I noticed dipswitch edited http://demozoo.org/groups/4737/?editing=members notes on 2015-07-27.
>>There are many parts I disagree with (notably one-sided version of a national demo section only)
>>but I just wanted to ask you to please modify last sentence from "In 2003, Baudsurfer revived the
>>group" to "In 2008, Baudsurfer revived the group". Also could it be added in the timeline that
>>"In 1993 the German demosection of TRSI claimed to dissolve unilaterally RSI group" please ?
>>(NB : this explains why there are no RSI releases whatsoever between 1993 and 2008).
>>Thank you in advance and good luck with the website :)

Did you read this STOLEN DATA Issue #4 by Anarchy and DCS here http://asle.free.fr/mags/stolendata/sd04-mag.txt ? It states the RSI BBS were indeed located in Canada as previously stated : "50 RSI 514-325-6325 19200 and 51 RSI WHQ 517-663-0571 2400/9600". The NPA's are Montreal in Canada. And did you read Phrack issue 44 here http://www.phrack.org/issues.html?id=2&issue=44 ? It states indeed afterwards the SKeleton is refereed to as ex-TRSI/TDT (even if 2 different RSI BBS are then located in US) ? So it seems he did exist after all.
Groups didn't just appear out of the blue or become legit only when Amiga demos or sceners (even swappers it seems) became proominent in Europe only after US and Canadian busts gagging legitimate founders.
You are always asking for proof dating back to underground times 30 years ago, yet your wiki author never questions Irata's version that a multi-person group of non-German speaking Canadians located exlusively in Canada would hand over the keys to a local national demoscene section arranged by a single swapper it never met in real life and living on another continent. If I take your own arguments and turn them around : where is the proof ? Where is the picture of Irata with Bill Best, with Greg, with Kangol Kid, with the Skeleton or with me for that matter ? Where is written document consenting to that ? I've never seen it. And if you don't have it then why is demozoo biased into modifying the Wiki expressing only one side which is just as proofless than the other at the very least ?
I asked you simply to please state what the now TRSI people said on pouet, mainly that RSI claimed to have dissolved RSI in 1993 3 years after their illegal merger out of nowhere "TRSI was born June_29 1990, when Tristar and Red Sector Inc decided to join forces on the Red Sector and The Silents Summer Conference 1990" from snapshot
https://web.archive.org/web/20051215000000/http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tristar_and_Red_Sector_Incorporated 15/12/2005
From same snapshot "Not all members from Tristar and Red Sector partook in the cooperative movement that became TRSI. For example, some of the original Tristar members never officially recognized this merger and continue to work solely and exclusively under the ''Tristar'' label. Members who operated solely under the Tristar-only name make use of a similarly abbreviated name, TRS, not to be confused with the TRSI acronym" .

Exactly ! Same thing for RSI ! It can surely be said that "some of the original Red Sector Incorporated members never officially recognized this merger", and the fact one could consider without activity (because for example form sysops) is off-topic.

tl;dr TRSI should be named (some Tristar, some RSI banded together - at best). They are a different groups with weak overlapping with "TRSI" and only between 1990 and 1993 and I don't understand how the authors/website feels more enclined to believe a German proofless story more than say a French and/or Canadian proofless story...Unless being Germans/Central Europeans themselves.

So again, please just modify the Wiki in a way it makes it clearly appear just like the original TRSI Wikipedia entry, the TRSI merger was shaky at best on Tristar side's (Original Irata Wikipedia posting) and RSI (my claim, proofless contradicting another proofless claim about 3 or 5 Canadians supposedly handing group keys to some unknown swapper in Germany)

Thank you

spiny - 14:46 10 August 2015 #

this screenshot needs to be rotated:

it shows OK on my pc, but not after I uploaded it :D

ltk_tscc - 15:14 10 August 2015 #

spiny: I guess you watch this on your pc with a viewprogram (e.g. XNview or something else)... they automatically show it rotated but the file isn't... if you open this in photoshop it would be like on the screenshot.

ltk_tscc - 15:15 10 August 2015 #

spiny: btw I fixed it ;)

spiny - 16:19 10 August 2015 #

I'll check next time :D

AMcBain - 00:52 11 August 2015 #

http://demozoo.org/productions/143578/ should be assigned to http://demozoo.org/groups/44287/ instead of directly to me. (It may have been but I somehow screwed that up.)

The problem is that when I try to do it, it will detect the correct group if I type "from:" and auto-complete, but then break it up by the "//" on submit it breaks up the group name at the "//" on submit and show an error saying neither "from:" nor "kennewick" is a valid group.

spiny - 09:52 11 August 2015 #

was an amiga prod, not atari, but I don't know enough about AGA/etc to select the right platform!

cheers :)

Scali - 11:31 11 August 2015 #

For this prod: http://demozoo.org/productions/136167/

We have two more blogs we'd like added:

ltk_tscc - 11:32 11 August 2015 #

Spiny: I have removed the platform for now until we know more :)

Scali: added.

ltk_tscc - 11:35 11 August 2015 #

AMcBain: Yeah tricky system... but I fixed it :)

Asle - 23:18 11 August 2015 #


Saga_Musix - 01:10 12 August 2015 #

Asle: Done, but as said multiple times before, you can add new nicks to sceners and remap prods to the new nicks by yourself - you just need to tell us to delete the empty profile then. :)

Asle - 18:28 12 August 2015 #

Sorry Saga, I assumed there was a beautiful merging button that did all the work. Didn't mean to add any workload to you guys ;)
Won't report those anymore then.

ltk_tscc - 18:42 12 August 2015 #

Asle: Unfortunatly there isn't. It's all HANDJOB :P

sensenstahl - 06:15 14 August 2015 #

http://demozoo.org/productions/61530/ is called "Hrenoten" at the results. please add a note to the prod. thanks :)

menace - 06:50 14 August 2015 #

Sensenstahl: Done.

dipswitch - 15:07 16 August 2015 #

Baudsurfer, what makes you think that we are not in touch with the original Canadian RSI founders - unlike you?

dipswitch - 15:15 16 August 2015 #

Also your denigration of Irata's role in the early scene doesn't become any more true by your constant repetition. But I'll stop here, for now.

dipswitch - 15:17 16 August 2015 #

However, after re-reading your post, I'll add one more thing. NOONE is doubting that Red Sector Inc. was born in Canada. The only thing we're doubting, for good reason, is that YOU were part of it.

RufUsul - 22:44 17 August 2015 #

please merge
gd is a alias of GraveDigger


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