Fix me beautiful

dipswitch - 23:59 17 August 2015 #

RufUsul: Done. Could you provide us with the country of that scener, too?

Saga_Musix - 23:13 22 August 2015 #

Given the group affiliation and party releases, US would be a relatively safe bet.

Saga_Musix - 23:15 22 August 2015 #

Also, Asle: Please keep reporting the dupe profiles, preferrably after you emptied one of them. We still want to get rid of the empty duplicates, but the acutal merging process is for the time being manual, so it's something you can do yourself to spare us some work.

dipswitch - 12:00 23 August 2015 #

saga: well, it could be canada as well, so thats why i'm asking

krona2k - 21:16 23 August 2015 #

Can you remove the first image from "Floppy 3D Demo" by The Ultra Crew? It has white borders that shouldn't be there. I've uploaded a fixed version which now appears as the second image.

menace - 04:51 24 August 2015 #

krona2k: Done, but please include a link in the future, since it makes the fixing process that much easier :)

ltk_tscc - 07:48 24 August 2015 #

krona2k: Please use native sized screenshots... I suspect Alchemist here? :)

deadguy - 18:42 24 August 2015 #

Hi, please remove user 60844 (deadguy). Thanks!

krona2k - 21:13 24 August 2015 #

It's Argonaut here. I was running STeem, but double rez, I'll upload any future screenshots in native. I'm thinking of trying to put together a load of old unreleased screens, but it will probably just be an edited movie on YouTube or something.

ltk_tscc - 06:57 25 August 2015 #

Argonaut: Nice to have you onboard :) In Steem SSE you can set "minimum size screenshots". You can send me any binaries if you want... I can host them: ftp://ftp.untergrund.net/users/ltk_tscc/fujiology/

Can you provide a crew-history of TUC and UNT?

krona2k - 11:37 25 August 2015 #

ltk_tscc: Thanks for updating the screenshots on Rare and Floppy 3D demo. If I can make some binaries of unreleased screens I'll provide them, I know some of them used all the memory but I guess that's not really a problem these days! I may come up with a history for you, I don't think it would be very detailed though, if I can find some dates from my Atari files it may be a bit more accurate.

ltk_tscc - 17:43 25 August 2015 #

Argonaut: I fixed everything I could find out... any clue about the release-dates of the NOW 5 intros?

krona2k - 21:02 26 August 2015 #

ltk_tscc: I don't have an accurate date for the NOW 5 intros. I know they were before the Maggie 7 intro. The Now 5 menu 02 intro is very similar to the Maggie 7 one. I have found the source code to the Now 5 menu 02 intro but I never put any dates on anything, or many comments for that matter. It's all on PC now so none of the timestamps are correct. I think the most accurate date I could get would be if I got my real ST set up again and try to find the floppy disk and get the file timestamp off there.

ltk_tscc - 18:22 27 August 2015 #

Argonaut: Do you have any other floppies that haven't been imaged yet? We can help with that :)

krona2k - 19:58 28 August 2015 #

ltk_tscc: I ripped lots of disks about 10 years ago, so I think I got anything that had source code but can't be 100% sure. If I find anything on disks I'll contact you about how to get the images. I was really unorganised in my ST days, I'm sure I've lost some source code. There was one unreleased little intro, nothing amazing but I really liked it, I haven't seen the source for that in all my searching.

nuclear - 02:06 30 August 2015 #

Could you add platforms: "GP32" and "SGI IRIX" ?
Also, my (Nuclear / The Lab ^ Mindlapse) real name is: "John Tsiombikas" if there is a way to add it.


menace - 06:52 1 September 2015 #

nuclear: Hi, sir :) We generally only add new platforms when a large enough part of staff agree that it is worthwhile, in order to try and not have two thousand platforms in the database - hence the prevalence of platforms like "Calculator" instead of one for each model of TI that was programmable.

As for the GP2, I assume it is somehow related to http://demozoo.org/platforms/56/, right? Could a case be made to combine them, i.e. in a +4/c16 type fashion, since they are very similar platforms?

As for the SGI, are there really enough productions for that hardware to warrant a separate platform? Please convince me :)

pulkomandy - 11:59 2 September 2015 #

The GP32 and GP2x are not that similar. The GP2x runs Linux, the GP32 doesn't. The GP2x has 2 CPUs, the GP32 has only one. They are not even from the same company (but they are by the same design team).

Baudsurfer - 05:56 7 September 2015 #

Hello dear Orgas,

Can you please delete this dupe ?

Thank you very much !

menace - 08:01 7 September 2015 #

Can do - and done.

sensenstahl - 23:44 12 September 2015 #

Nothing to fix. But greets to the demozooers who are fiddling around at this late time :)

ltk_tscc - 14:17 14 September 2015 #

Does anybody know the correct "Illusion"-group here? http://demozoo.org/productions/145241/

menace - 06:59 15 September 2015 #

I had a look and there's not much in the way of information in the intro, but given their focus and the fact that a bunch of groups from the c64 scene migrated over to the snes cracking scene, I would say it's a safe bet it's an offshoot of the c64 Illusion.

sensenstahl - 19:08 17 September 2015 #


please add a note that this prod is called "DUK" in the results. thank you :)

sensenstahl - 05:35 18 September 2015 #

the prod is called "pt" in the results. please add this as a note. I already changed the title of the prod.

menace - 06:53 18 September 2015 #

sensenstahl: Both fixed - and a very good morning to you, sir :)

sensenstahl - 09:32 20 September 2015 #

I actually don't know what happened but this prod can be deleted (empty dupe):

ltk_tscc - 16:04 20 September 2015 #

I killed it :)

RufUsul - 18:44 10 October 2015 #

please replace the bit too dark logo (image #2) by the correct logo (image #6)

sorry for the inconvenience

menace - 22:01 10 October 2015 #

RufUsul: Done.

And no inconvenience, we'd much rather have users that contribute and occasionally need help than not have users that contribute :) Keep those screenshots coming!

Rajah - 22:44 21 October 2015 #

I would like for the "Tribute to Sygne", "Dgem V0.20" and "Dgem V0.16" prods to be removed. I'm the author of these programs: they do not match the demoscene realm and are maintained/published on my website http://ptonthat.fr/category/atari-games/

chojin - 09:25 30 October 2015 #

I seem to have added following productions as 'production'. Could these be converted to 'graphics'? (these are art packs only containing graphics)


This one is a single 'graphics' files, but was also added as 'production':

And that we are on it: could this dupe be deleted:

menace - 06:28 31 October 2015 #

Rajah: I'm leaving your request for our Atari guy to look at. Lotek?

chojin: That should be all of them fixed. If you have any ideas of how we can make our process clearer so that it's easier to pick the right type of content, please let us know. :)

ltk_tscc - 11:35 31 October 2015 #

Menace, Rajah: Well I am simply of different opinion. As I have a wider sense of what "scene" means I am doing an atari software repository and I'm not willing to delete this entries... esp. not the "Tribute to Sygne"-one. I met Guillaume at a "demoparty" and it should be here.

Saga_Musix - 13:07 31 October 2015 #

This is just a general remark, I didn't have a look at the prods in question: Not everything ever scener does is a demoscene production though. You can of course put in your archive whatever you want, but that's not a justificiation for having it on Demozoo. If someone says their prod was not released in a demoscene context or is not a demo, then for god's sake respect their opinion.

chojin - 22:13 1 November 2015 #

menace: I initially didn't notice the links to 'add music' or 'add graphics' at the top of the 'add production' dialog. I also find 'add production' a bit misleading as music and graphics is also some kind of production.
Maybe you could provide a dropdown as first field, or a tab-layout in the 'add production' dialog with the choice 'Music', 'Graphics' and 'Other' or something similar ?
Or replace the 'Add production' button (on the group and user details page) by an "Add..." button which expands to 'Add Music', 'Add graphics' and 'Add Other production' when hovering over it, or when clicking on it.
I think both of these suggestions would be clearer?

chojin - 22:27 1 November 2015 #

This scener can be deleted: http://demozoo.org/sceners/24307/
It was added by menace as a member of Antichrist '96, based on a demo submission "Weedblows '98" on Ambiance '98. However that demo was a joint production (pun intended :-)) of the groups Prozac and Antichrist '96. So Prozac was not an actual scener, but the Belgian scene group Prozac. (I corrected all that, but I can't remove the scener Prozac by myself)

menace - 07:02 2 November 2015 #

Chojin: Thanks for the cosntructive reply, we'll look into it!

And the scener entry removed, thanks for the clarification :)

exocet - 17:04 21 November 2015 #


I doubled clicked at the wrong time and ended up adding duplicated screenshots on this prod: http://demozoo.org/productions/54951/

Could you please fix it? Standard users don't seem to be able to delete screenshots.

menace - 17:23 21 November 2015 #

exocet: Deleted. And thanks for adding screenshots, much appreciated :)

And yes, you are correct in that most things cannot be deleted by non-admins. It's a security precaution.

sensenstahl - 14:28 22 November 2015 #

this prod http://demozoo.org/productions/35853/ is called "jmeister" in the results. Please add a note. I already changed the title to the correct one. Thanks :)

mudlord - 20:51 22 November 2015 #

this prod http://demozoo.org/productions/150026/ is a Nintendo 3DS prod, not a NDS prod.

Saga_Musix - 22:18 23 November 2015 #

We do not currently have 3DS as a platform (otherwise you could just fix it yourself), but this immediately brings up the question - is the difference between the 3DS and NDS big/relevant enough to justify a separate platform? From what I have seen the 3DS is very much like the NDS with slightly beefier hardware and, well, a 3D display which you probably cannot even make use of in demos, at least if you want to release them at a demoparty on a bigscreen.
There's always the possibility to use the tag system in case it doesn't make sense to differentiate between two platforms.

menace - 07:21 24 November 2015 #

sensenstahl: I see it was already fixed :)

To add to the NDS/3DS discussion, it appears Pou√ęt does not have a separate 3DS platform either - in fact your demo is listed as NDS over there too, mudlord. How many 3DS-specific demos are there, so far? Anyone know?

havoc - 13:24 25 November 2015 #

Hello fellow demoscene archive maintainers,

In recent weeks/months I've tried my best to fix (thousands of) deadlinks on Pouet.
In a considerable amount of cases I was able to grab a working link from your website which is awesome :)
However, there was also a bunch of files I could not find here or on other demoscene archive sites (scene.org, amigascne, csdb, zxaaa, zxdemo, etc) :(
So I tried searching for such files in my collection of offline archives as well as through multiple dodgy/commercial ROM sites (with horrible captcha traps and so on) with fairly decent results.
If you hate captchas like me, you are welcome to save some time and grab those files here: ftp://ftp.untergrund.net/users/havoc/POUET/
(Small note: Browser stuff (Java/Javascript/Flash) is in the pc directory)

menace - 08:12 28 November 2015 #

havoc: AMAZING effort - so glad you took the time to do this :)

I'll try and mirror as much as possible over on scene.org - and please don't ever stop. There's so very much material seemingly lost over time.

We employ a tag for lost productions - http://demozoo.org/productions/tagged/lost/ - that may be of help in your future travels.

Fred - 12:15 28 November 2015 #

Please delete: http://demozoo.org/productions/150938/
Was blind and added a duplicate of http://demozoo.org/music/51156/

exocet - 13:53 28 November 2015 #


Could you please merge those two entries for Violator?

I believe they refer to the same person.


ltk_tscc - 14:19 28 November 2015 #

Fred: Deleted.

Exocot: "merged" :) and thanks a LOT for all the edits recently! :D

ltk_tscc - 14:19 28 November 2015 #

Exocet even :)

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