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slummy - 14:05 22 January 2020 #

I believe that this intro may never have existed: https://demozoo.org/productions/26952/ :)

The intro that actually got 3rd at ECC93 seems to have been this one: https://demozoo.org/productions/223774/

However, I suspect that a mixup between Mr.Coke (Swedish, coder of the latter one) and Coke (Norwegian, coder in Stone Arts) has led to the conclusion that Stone Arts must have released a "Party Intro" at ECC93. :)

And, to make things even more fun, it seems like the Swedish Mr.Coke actually has two entries on demozoo
Coke: https://demozoo.org/sceners/4085/
Mr.Coke: https://demozoo.org/sceners/4802/

The reason for believing this is that one of the Cizeron prods credited to Coke clearly shows "Mr.Coke" in the screenshot. The overlap of other members (like Skutt & Morris) between Hardcore Design (where Mr.Coke was a member) and Cizeron also adds credibility to this, I guess. :)

So, in short:
- Remove the Stone Arts party intro because it probably never existed
- Work out whether *all* the stuff credited to Coke (https://demozoo.org/sceners/4802/) is from the same guy (maybe check with Chucky / The Gang?) and if so merge Coke and Mr.Coke (but keep Norwegian Coke out of it).


slummy - 14:10 22 January 2020 #

Blargh, the last link was to the wrong entry (Mr.Coke instead of Coke).

menace - 06:31 23 January 2020 #

So, the whole Stone Arts thing has been worked out. Thanks for spotting that :)

Though, on the subject of the other matter, the two Cokes if you will, some reading of scrolltexts and checking around makes it evident that since the two have vastly different real names, they are likely not the same.

slummy - 18:11 23 January 2020 #

However, I just checked all the Virtual and Cizeron prods attributed to Coke and each one of them contains credits for "Mr.Coke" instead. Also, the one Cizeron-logo attributed to Coke is named "Cizeron logo by Mr. Coke"

So my assumption is that the Virtual and Cizeron prods should be attributed to Mr. :)

slummy - 19:38 23 January 2020 #

Some (but not all) of the screenshots for entry https://demozoo.org/productions/5917/ actually comes from this one: https://demozoo.org/productions/195609/

The correct shots for H.A.S.H. are:

and the rest are from the other intro.

Afaik the intro coded by Coca was also released at TP3, but I seem to remember it never showed up in any results back then either.

vitalkanev - 11:52 25 January 2020 #

Yeah, I posted this note already some time ago, but then I found a bug in my proposed note for https://demozoo.org/music/271443/ - so it should be this, thanks:

Used in Clash'n Slash (2005) game

vitalkanev - 15:07 29 January 2020 #

Alright. I created this scener by accident. I misspelled some names. https://demozoo.org/sceners/112372/

menace - 04:31 31 January 2020 #

all fixed.

reed - 19:14 1 February 2020 #

This: https://demozoo.org/sceners/8215 ... is actually an alternative nickname of this: https://demozoo.org/sceners/16086

And this: https://demozoo.org/sceners/8219 ... is actually an alternative nickname of this: https://demozoo.org/sceners/307

I already fixed the relevant info, but the unnecessary sceners (8215 + 8219) can probably be deleted. And someone should probably fix the same stuff in Kestra/Bitworld as well :)

Yoik - 20:09 1 February 2020 #

reed: Thanks for contributing! Dupes deleted as well :)

Ramses - 00:04 2 February 2020 #

Please remove these double entries:

https://demozoo.org/music/222949/ ... double of https://demozoo.org/music/61474/
https://demozoo.org/music/222958/ ... double of https://demozoo.org/music/61475/
https://demozoo.org/music/222945/ ... double of https://demozoo.org/music/61476/
https://demozoo.org/music/222959/ ... double of https://demozoo.org/music/61477/
https://demozoo.org/music/222944/ ... double of https://demozoo.org/music/61478/
https://demozoo.org/music/222943/ ... also double of https://demozoo.org/music/61478/
https://demozoo.org/music/222946/ ... double of https://demozoo.org/music/61479/
https://demozoo.org/music/222942/ ... double of https://demozoo.org/music/61480/
https://demozoo.org/music/222957/ ... double of https://demozoo.org/music/61481/
https://demozoo.org/music/222948/ ... double of https://demozoo.org/music/61482/
https://demozoo.org/music/222940/ ... double of https://demozoo.org/music/61483/
https://demozoo.org/music/222954/ ... double of https://demozoo.org/music/61471/
https://demozoo.org/music/222951/ ... double of https://demozoo.org/music/5500/
https://demozoo.org/productions/222939/ ... unnecessary in my opinion, just https://demozoo.org/music/5500/ should be enough
https://demozoo.org/music/222955/ ... double of https://demozoo.org/music/61473/
https://demozoo.org/music/222947/ ... double of https://demozoo.org/music/65538/
https://demozoo.org/music/222952/ ... double of https://demozoo.org/music/61489/
https://demozoo.org/music/222941/ ... double of https://demozoo.org/music/7015/


tomaes - 19:48 2 February 2020 #

Ramses: A couple were already removed, I did the rest. Hopefully no-one made a mistake. ;)

Ramses - 09:23 3 February 2020 #

I found one more. Please remove also:

https://demozoo.org/music/222956/ ... double of https://demozoo.org/music/61481/

100bit - 20:17 3 February 2020 #

Ramses, thanks for these lines! a small(est) part was removed by me, the rest was removed by tomaes. also fixed some things in Kestra BitWorld (thanks to asle). your last report was fixed too :)

vitalkanev - 16:41 6 February 2020 #

1. There are some dupe screenshots here: https://demozoo.org/productions/48093/
2. Add the following note to https://demozoo.org/parties/3990/:

Results based on result.html from downloadable package available on Scene.org (<https://files.scene.org/view/music/compos/chipyxa/chipyxa-2-all.zip>). Date is estimated from "Last modified" dates from files.

Yoik - 19:14 6 February 2020 #

vitalkanev: all done.

decca - 22:46 8 February 2020 #

https://demozoo.org/music/274547/ can be removed, its a dupe of https://demozoo.org/music/274542/

Yoik - 01:50 9 February 2020 #

decca: done!

dOc.K - 21:57 9 February 2020 #

Accidentally added screenshot from CLI startup of https://demozoo.org/productions/274562/ (first screenshot).
Could you plz. remove this one?
Other Digital Chips productions present max. two screenshots as well.
Would upload readme file with same content instead.

Yoik - 22:50 9 February 2020 #

dOc.K: aaand it’s gone :)

vitalkanev - 18:04 14 February 2020 #

Dupe screenshots are all over the place (possibly because import mess from Janeway?):
- https://demozoo.org/productions/6962/
- https://demozoo.org/productions/1917/
- https://demozoo.org/productions/90/ (various aspect ratios)
- https://demozoo.org/productions/8988/

vitalkanev - 11:50 15 February 2020 #

...and here too:
- https://demozoo.org/productions/5319/
- https://demozoo.org/productions/5782/
- https://demozoo.org/productions/124/

In other words, always check productions page for any duplicate screenshots! (normally applies for Amiga demos and so on)

tomaes - 13:24 15 February 2020 #

vitalkanev: For now, I cleared 4 of these, including defacto dupes (nearly the same shot, just marginally different). I tried to preserve the correct order of the shots as well, when they were seemingly in order to begin with. :)

If this is a systemic problem, there's probably a better way to do this than by hand.

Oseias - 23:20 15 February 2020 #

Ok here's our answer.
I and my team, unfortunately, we're not up ourselves, we don't consider ourselves as ''beautiful'' , as we say over here, so we won't fix anything.

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