Licensed to Draw

(Artgroup/ANSI) - LTD, License To Draw

A group promotion ANSI that came in ICEPack August 1992 listed Shihear Kallizad (chief executive officer), Captain Kaos (chairman), Mr. Brownstone, Paul Muad'Dib, Sun Blazer, Rambone, Tempus Thales (board of directors), Atomic Playboy, FusioN, Logan, Malcom X, Radon, Super Duck, The Black Legend, The Drow, The Insane Brain, Vito (artists), Atomic Playboy, SharP (coders), Bitch, Digital Fuhrer and Der Schatten (couriers) as members.

August 1992 member list.
October 1993 member list.

Productions (4)

MS-Dos - Artpack
Licensed to Draw Dec 1993
MS-Dos - Tool
Licensed to Draw Oct 1993
Licensed to Draw Oct 1993
MS-Dos - BBStro
Licensed to Draw Apr 1992

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