Paramount are a German c64 cracking and demo group. They were at one time in importing partnership with Random.

Sex'n'Crime 1 (february 1989) reported that, "PARAMOUNT PROBABLY CONSISTS OF SOME MEMBERS FROM MCG, OCTAGON AND DRIVE", indicating they were a new group at the time.

Stefan joined from Duplex, while Morris was kicked out around september 1989. That same month also Joe Cool, Magic Circle and Dr. Death joined the group, and Breaker was caught by the police. He decided to stop all illegal activities, and instead concentrate on coding a game. The november release Ballistix welcomed Paradroid to the group from Online, and listed Scratcher, Sting, Dr. Death, Phantom, Witcher, Joe Cool, TC, Stainless Steel, Steve and Paradroid as members. Parabound left for Rough Trade Inc., while Toad and Mr. Stal joined from Abyss in december.

The may 1991 diskmagazine Shock 1 reported that Joe Cool, Maniac and Sting had left the group for Talent, and that Tyger left for Genesis Project.


Commodore 64 - Demo
Paramount Mar 2008
Commodore 64 - Cracktro
Paramount Nov 1990
Commodore 64 - Cracktro
Paramount Nov 1990
Commodore 64 - Diskmag
Paramount Aug 1990
Commodore 64 - Cracktro
Paramount Nov 1989

Member productions

Commodore 64 - Music
Stainless Steel / Fantastic 4 Cracking Group ^ Paramount Oct 2016
Commodore 64 - Music
Stainless Steel / Paramount Jun 2012

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