Nintendo Game Boy Advance (GBA)

The Game Boy Advance (gba) handheld console was released early 2001 in Japan and then, in june, across america and europe too. Almost immediately, dumps and trainers started appearing for this new console, and after a while some small demos too. The illegal groups active in this scene came mostly from the pirate scene on other consoles like the Game Boy Color, Playstation, Dreamcast and Nintendo 64. Several interesting demo titles appeared throughout the first year too, with perhaps the best being Nocturnal's Great Juciy Gypsy at Kindergarden in november.

The first really scene-related game on the platform was Iridon 3D - released in the usa in june of 2001, and then in europe in september. It was developed by Shin'en (, a German developer company consisting mainly of ex-members of amiga group Abyss. The company has also developed sound systems for the Game Boy Color (GHX) and Game Boy Advance (GAX), that have been licensed for use in many other other games for these systems. For those of you familiar with Abyss' history, their soundsystem AHX for the amiga was one of their biggest successes. The credits for the game reads as follows: Manfred Linzner (aka Pink, programming, music, sound fx), Bernhard Wodok (aka Dexter, tools, gax sound system), Florian Freisleder (aka Wintermute, graphics) and Javier Alcaniz (aka Judas, graphics).

Emulators for this platform include;

mGBA for Windows, OSX and Linux.
VBA-M for Windows and Linux
No$GBA for Windows and MS-DOS
Higan for Windows, OS X, Linux and FreeBSD.

BatGBA for Windows - last updated in 2002.