• Demo

The Star Wars Demo

by Censor Design

Ekoli and Nim were mentioned in the end scroller as part of the team that "would like to thank you for watching this demo", but were not credited on the opening screen.


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ltk_tscc - 17:46 4 November 2018 #

Empire approved! :D

Elko - 18:22 4 November 2018 #

Good job at all, i like the the arrangement of sound and gfx and code. It looks looks great. Lots of fun-elements like Larry or good old purple tentacle and other side-refs to lucas games (le chuck, indy). Maybe from coding aspect not the ultimate crown (i cant see the point) It looks great with a good flow. Deserved winner.

teo - 22:24 6 November 2018 #

Rebels approved.