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Zapotek was a mailswapper on both the C64 and the Amiga, from 1988 onwards.

Swapper adverts in Cracker Journal 15 (july 1989, as a member of CCG) and swapping advert in Zine 2 (December 1989).

The august 1990 musicdisk Bruno's Music Box II mentioned Intec, Zapotek and Funky Guru had left Zombie Boys for Gate. All three then moved on to Crusaders in december of 1990.


Attitude #6 - Other (paper stuff)
Commodore 64 - Diskmag
Oxyron Jul 2003
Attitude 2 - Text (co-editor)
Commodore 64 - Diskmag
Samar Aug 2001
Commodore 64 - Graphics
Zapotek Apr 2000

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