Also known as

  • Face The Facts
  • FTF
  • Octoplex
  • Scout

Location: Kongsberg, Buskerud, Norway Edit location

Octoplex was previously in Gate, then Anarchy, then Palace. He left Quartex for Skid Row in november 1991 under the handle Scout, then changed it again to Madness while in SKR. He was sysop of the bbs Metropolis. Reports on his nationality differs; he appears to have been flagged as Norwegian early on, then as Swedish while he was a sysop.

The november 1991 diskmagazine R.A.W 1 reported that Octoplex had joined Vision only to then quickly move on to Dual Crew with two other Vision members, Mindblaster and Flash - then all three helped form the Norwegian section of Scoopex.

The february 1992 diskmagazine R.A.W 2 reported that Octoplex had changed his handle to Face The Facts.

Octoplex was sysop of the bbs Middle East for Onyx in 1996.


Vector Imperium - Code (as Octoplex)
Amiga OCS/ECS - Demo
Gate Oct 1990

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