Witan was a dutch demo group, formed in 1990 by Wytze and Jendrik. All members have strong roots in the c64 scene, claiming to come from groups like Nato, Blackmail and Verdict.

Their december 1992 demo Facts of Life was dedicated to former member Ramon, who died the previous summer.

Today in 2013, the group still exists as a game production company under the name Witan Entertainment, with mention of their demoscene roots in the bio on their website.

Productions (6)

Kukoo 2 Advance - Graphics (Font)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance (GBA) - Intro
The Flamoots & The Dark Vision Aug 2015
Windows - Game
Witan Aug 1998
MS-Dos - Diskmag
Image! and The Clan and Witan Dec 1995
MS-Dos - Demo
Witan Dec 1992
MS-Dos - Demo
Witan Jun 1991
MS-Dos - Demo
Witan Feb 1991

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