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Domination 4

by Onslaught

Know something about this production that we don't?

PVCF/Reflex, Scope/F4CG, Hain/F4CG, Latifah/Sun Designs, Dane/Triad, Kristian Røstøen and Eivind Sommersten/Blues Muz, Gaston/TIA, SMC/TIA, Deek/Crest, Laxity/Vibrants, Scortia/Vibrants, Metal/Vibrants, Crossfire/Motiv8, Freestyle/Avantgarde, Mason/Motiv8, Splatterhead/SCS-TRC, Overdose/Wildstyle Productions, Spectator/TRC-SCS and Spermbird appeared as guest artists.

Features interviews with Ed/Wrath Designs, Mason/Motiv8 and Ignorance/AFL.


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menace - 20:35 6 November 2018 #

Not sure what I'm doing wrong with this one, but once I am inside the mag proper, any article I try to load, the mag prompts me to flip the disk. I change to the other disk, same thing. I can do this song and dance back and forth forever, but no dice. WinVICE 3.2.

menace - 20:39 6 November 2018 #

The same thing happens with Hoxs64, actually, so I pretty much don't know what to make of this. :/